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The X Factor 2018

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by bichard, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. It's The Sun...
  2. It struck me the other day that, while all of the "X-Factor Dying Hype Machine" focuses on "Nicole or Cheryl, they won't work together" each year, I find it more strange that in all these series, Cheryl and Sharon have never shared a panel...
  3. And this is part of the reason X Factor isn’t doing well. People need a break from the show. Stories like this mean it’s in the press all year round and people are sick of it before the show even starts.
  4. Apparently Dermot's now confirmed Cheryl's return.
  5. 360


    Though I enjoyed 2017's series, particularly the focus on original songs with Grace and Rak-su, I'm not that hyped for this year's one. Cheryl potentially returning is great, but I doubt she'll boost ratings. Just feels like it has been years since the X Factor was popular and relevant and now its fading away.

    That said, I'm probably a hypocrite, since when it starts I'll end up tuning in anyway, like every year.
  6. Aidan Martin will release "Punchline" as a single on March 27.
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  7. It's 2018.
  8. 360


    Amazing! Loved that song and loved his performance of it. Hope it's not too late for it to have an impact. He may not have become a great live show contestant but that track is emotive and wonderful.

    Awesome it's getting a release. Looking forward to hearing a studio version of it.
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  9. So?
  10. Is New Direction the b-side?
  11. No idea, just read about the release on FB.
  12. Sorry I was being silly because of his performance here...