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The X Files

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. I want no less that 8 mythology episodes.

    And a bettter wig for Gillian.
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  2. I agree. I wasn't a watcher during the show's original run but since the 6 ep mini-series, I've been watching the repeats on and off on the Spike channel and although it still isn't quite enough for me to take the plunge and dive in fully, I've definitely become a fan, proper. Prior to the mini, I'd only seen the second movie and a random episode here and there.

    Despite my only having a scant knowledge of it beforehand, I really enjoyed the mini-series. I liked that they managed to update it, but it still felt so 90s in many ways. They pulled that off well. You could've slotted them into the series' first run quite easily. 6 regular length episodes was way too short, though, especially as they weren't all mythology stories. Added to the big cliffhanger ending, there was no way it'd be okay to end it like that.
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  3. I'm a huge X Files fan but never got around to finishing the miniseries for some reason. I'm excited it's coming back again. Ten episodes is the perfect length to do something good with it.
  4. Wasn't it Gillian's natural hair dyed red?

    As long as we don't get anything as awful as Baby long I'll be happy. Of course while that episode was awful, I loved Lauren Ambrose. Bring her back!
  5. No, she wore a wig.
  6. kal


    Who cares about Scully's hair when THAT CLIFFHANGER happened though?
  7. Yeah, but
    if the good sis Scully is going to be abducted by aliens (again) I'd want it to be with better hair.
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  8. kal


    I don't think it's aliens.