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This Is The One: The Utada Hikaru Albums Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, Jun 19, 2017.


Seeing as they're not part of the rate, pick an interlude.

  1. Interlude (From 'First Love')

  2. Bridge (From 'Deep River')

  3. Opening (From 'Exodus')

  4. Crossover (From 'Exodus')

  5. Eclipse (From 'Ultra Blue')

  6. Gentle Beast (From 'Heart Station')

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  1. I just got to this song again during my commentary writing phase and I thought the same thing! It's incredible. Queen of complex production and being ahead of her time.

    Also I'm really working on this now I'm sorry I've left it off for so long.
  2. Listening to First Love, knowing how young she was, I have the same feelings I get listening to the Sugababes' One Touch -- both are expertly crafted debuts from the viewpoint of a teenager. The music can still be taken seriously and isn't dated, even though there's a certain roughness that comes from their age.
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  3. Utada never gets enough credit for just how intricate her productions are. She works with her father on most of her stuff, right? Or did I just make that up in my head.
  4. No, you're exactly right. He's executive produced every one of her albums.
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  5. Also, can we talk about Blow My Whistle? I'm still obsessed with it after all these years.

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  6. Aww shit I forgot about that one!

    I do enjoy Blow My Whistle. I think it's on iTunes? Really need to buy it at some point. I also enjoyed By Your Side with Kiley Dean and Timbaland.
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  7. Her production is truly one of a kind. Most of it is still so timeless that it fits everywhere.
  8. Rmx


    Thanks @digitalkaiser for sending me a PM and notifying me of this rate. I haven't been active on PJ for quite a while so I hope ya'll still remember me and I am so excited to dive into First Love and Distance!! I'm an awful fan for not having done that before.

    It's funny because just yesterday I was contemplating getting 「テイク5」tattoo'd on my wrist.

    That doesn't spoil my 11, right?
  9. I was going to message you for the Ayu rate I'm doing in (probably) a month or so ♥
  10. Rmx


    I am só participating!!
  11. Yas! Glad to have helped, couldn't do an Utada rate without @Rmx !
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  12. I am honestly at a loss of what to choose for my 11. There's seriously at least 5 options I could choose that I'd be happy with.....god I wish we had a couple 10.5s in this one.
  13. Is Take 5 supposed to cut off like that or is my copy of the song broken or something?
  14. It's intentional, reflective of life.
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  15. That is so cool!

    I remember CDJapan sending out e-mails when Heart Station was released because everyone thought their copy was faulty. (On an unrelated note, I actually think I returned Christina Aguilera's Stripped back in the day for a similar reason because I thought the disc was faulty but I think it was something intentional on the song looking back!)

    I'm about to start listening to This Is the One...wish me luck!

    EDIT: Just realised the ordering of the tracklisting is different on the Japan and US versions. I totally forgot about that. I was rating Come Back To Me as On and On (not that I'm entirely sure that would make a huge difference to my score!!)
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  16. My averages for Deep River and Exodus are going to be ridiculously high. Man these albums are something else!
  17. Honestly, the US tracklist of This is the One is homophobic.
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  18. I've listened and rated This Is The One but I'm torn between listening to it again and seeing if I can be more fair on it or just moving on to Singles Collection Vol 2 Disc 2. I was going to re-listen to it tonight but just started listening to other stuff instead!
  19. I swear if On and On and Apple and Cinnamon flop out before the top 40, I will hunt you all down.
  20. Making no promises (although I may be singlehandedly responsible!!)