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This Is The One: The Utada Hikaru Albums Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, Jun 19, 2017.


Seeing as they're not part of the rate, pick an interlude.

  1. Interlude (From 'First Love')

  2. Bridge (From 'Deep River')

  3. Opening (From 'Exodus')

  4. Crossover (From 'Exodus')

  5. Eclipse (From 'Ultra Blue')

  6. Gentle Beast (From 'Heart Station')

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. This is a way too daunting task, but as I'm really getting into KPOP, I'll definitely follow along!
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  2. Two first albums down! Unfortunately my least favorite of hers and still nothing lower than a 6.
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  7. I will do my best. I still have a lot to listen to.
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  8. Automatic Part II is a bop tbh
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  9. I will not be voting. Her music is not my style and though I kind of like Fantome last year and already found a discovery in her version of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence this is way too much new music for me to do this rate justice by. Especially as it not exactly my cup of tea music wise. I do wish to watch and comment (like I already did). So what you all decide as the best songs are definitely going to be checked out by me!
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  10. I literally have one song left to rate and I am ready to go!
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  11. I've only got to get down commentary for Heart Station and Ultra Blue and decide my 11 and then I'm done.
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  12. I have Heart Station, This Is The One, Fantome and the extras left to score.
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  13. Before all the rating happens, thanks @TheChoirgirlHotel for running this rate. There's a quite a few songs that I have gained a new love for when I was doing my re-listening that I'd maybe not paid enough attention to before.
    Beautiful world
    Mayowazu kimi dake wo mitsumete iru
    Beautiful boy
    Jibun no utsukushisa mada shiranai no


    It's only love
  14. Not Exodus fucking me up yet AGAIN.
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  15. Finished! I took way longer than I should have on this as there were quite a few days where I did not get a chance/was too lazy to listen to an album! I will be quicker on the Ayumi, Kumi and BoA rates!
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  16. I can't decide on my 11! There are too many amazing songs here.
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  17. Okay, finally submitted my scores....and oh my god MY AVERAGES. I can't wait for this to unfold.
  18. I found almost all of the missing songs on Vimeo, so that's my tip.

    And I came through today and submitted my scores.
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  19. I just realised Utada and Shiina Ringo's other duet (I Won't Last A Day Without You) is missing.
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  20. And I'm done! This was such a great opportunity to go down the memory lane. My scores:

    First Love: 7.300 (10x1; 6x2)
    Distance: 7.538 (10x1; 6x3)
    Deep River: 9.000 (10x5; 8x5)
    Exodus: 8.500 (10x6; 7x1)
    ULTRA BLUE: 9.250 (10x8; 7x1)
    Heart Station: 8.750 (10x4; 7x2)
    This Is The One: 8.300 (10x1; 7x2)
    Fantome: 8.181 (10x2; 6x1)
    Extras: 6.500 (9x1; 5x3)