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Tiffany Young (SNSD) - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. I'm sure she'll sell a decent amount based on her fan base but I hope she doesn't sign to a major because I cant visualize an album materializing if she does.
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  2. In my dreams, she’d connect with 88Rising. That way she would definitely release music and start garnering a lot of blog/critical attention, and plus the producers/acts she could work with would mesh so well with her established sound.

    They can do just about everything a major label could do these days anyways.

  3. A cover of "Remember Me" from Coco is appearing on iTunes in select countries.
    She's credited as Tiffany Young.

    It's for the Japan territorial release of the soundtrack.

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  4. Why is she doing that?

    What is she doing?
  5. Isn't she dating Kevin from Far East Movement? It wouldn't surprise me if she signed with them
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  7. OK that’s nice but where is I Just Wanna Dance pt 2?
  8. Did she not have a Twitter or an official Facebook page before?

    Also, I'm really excited for this so I hope everything goes well for this legend.
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