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Tinashe - Nightride / Joyride

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. She peaked 6 days into 2017 before descending into... well, I don't even know anymore but somebody needs to fix it. What a song/video though.

  2. The Company video gave so much goodwill and... yeah. What kind of me teas.
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  3. I've had "Text from Your Ex" stuck in my head for days. It's know it's quite basic, but it's ridiculously catchy. It should have been a hit.
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  4. ...is this trying to be in on the ATRL no neck jokes or is it just a coincidence dddd
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  5. Watch her new single be called Whiplash, released on November 2019.
  6. I'd rather be protecting my scalp, Tinashe!
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  7. Just announce your album, sis.
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  8. I must confess I'm way more excited/confused/annoyed by her constant flip-flopping between profile pictures rather than whatever that white noise ATRL cross gif pattern stands for.
  9. That’s (at least) two singles away right now.
  10. This is my surprised face.
  11. I can’t believe it’s been 4 calendar years since Elle jinxed her career. They really didn’t have to set her up like this....

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  12. Highkey Tinashe deserved to be the next Beyonce though...

    Far Side Of The Moon is hands down one of her best songs. I’ve been addicted to it this past week.
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  13. Aquarius really was such an amazing debut. I never would have expected that to become her peak though. Tragic.
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  15. Oh I agree Tinashe deserves the world but the sheer audacity of them to say “Watch out Beyoncé”.....successfully alienated about half of her target audience.
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  16. I’m honestly more surprised that they’re even going to try with a single, let alone two.
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  17. I'm here for this cover. I mean obviously the most success she'll get with this era is probably just blog appeal but maybe if she's not on the cover people won't associate it with the flops and they'll think it's a new project by some random producer? I don't know. I'm truly at a loss for how to turn this into a win for her.
  18. Mess, seems like no one's learnt a thing.
  19. I kinda feel like the logo needs to go.
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