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Top 100 Best Selling Female Acts 1980-2013

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Apr 24, 2017.

  2. Mvnl

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    Don't talk about Alexandra Burke like that.
  3. I'm just going to pretend Martika is the 31st biggest selling female ever in the UK and her biggest hits was this million seller:

    Then Dame Catherine of Dennis was the 30th biggest seller with this as her biggest seller:

  4. I want to live in this world.
  5. …and Jody was #32 by the way….

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  6. Poor Keane, they deserved better than finally getting a number one single through someone else. That said, the fact that Lily is such a huge fan of the band somehow makes it less annoying. Her version of Everybody's Changing really is far worse, though.

    In general I do like her when she's not veering on self-parody (Fuck You, Not Fair!), she does have some brilliant tracks (The Fear, Littlest Things, Who'd Have Known, Chinese, Take My Place to name a few).
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  7. Certainly is! Like some bratty wannabe gobshite busker taking the piss out of it.
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  8. Time for another legend to leave the survey tomorrow!
  9. Considering that she also expressed her love for A Bad Dream, I guess that one is up next...
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  10. Bad dream?

    F***ING NIGHTMARE, more like!
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  11. Now I'm worried

  12. That Su Pollard cover has automatically moved her up a place on the rundown already!
  13. Have we had Alisha and EG Daily yet?

    They are probably still to come.
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  14. They will be sandwiched in between Thereza Bazar.
  15. That would be a far better page than the last few.
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  16. I'm warning you all now, you do not want to be around when and if it's announced that Goulding woman has outsold Kim Wilde.

    Still I can comfort myself with the knowledge Sinitta sold just as much as Gwen Stefani and Lana Del Ray.
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  17. Have you considered that Jessie J may have outsold Dame Kim?

    That really would be unthinkable.
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  18. I can't look. Someone please just tag me when we get to the top ten!
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  19. I'm sad that Lily just missed top 30! She deserves top 10 in my book! No pop star serves tea like Lily. Her witty quips make Taylor Swift level sass seem like child's play! As savage as Katy's new Swish Swish song is, can you imagine if Lily wrote it?! Love her or hate her you have to admit she's pretty clever lyrically.

    Personal faves:

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  20. What I can add is that another act from today would be considerably higher taking into account her sales since 2013
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