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Tracks not released as a single appreciation thread

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by D is for Danger!, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. This is literally the single that got away. File this away with that gritty electro house Sexy Love teaser that I will never forget.
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  2. Absolute First Album/Braking Heart (yeah I prefer the misspelling of the first pressing of the album) is so iconic. After such a shitty debut they really turned it out.
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  3. Oh and I didn't listen to all the songs but Cool Workf/Some love/timesip/oh boy went well on the uber.

    Next mission : make me love EXO.
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  4. Every album track from Art Angels.
  5. Shitty debut?!
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  6. Artificial Love, Heaven, and They Never Know are all good.
  7. I low key loved Lies but it was kind of disappointing as a debut. Almost as much as Girl's Day's Tilt Your Head.
    (Fuxkkkkk I'm old.)
  8. Geojitmal!!!

    It's one of the better debuts and should not be in the same sentence as Tilt Your Head. I love it! Lee Haeri opening the track with her vocal runs is amazing. It's melancholy and fierce with the rapping courtesy of Hyomin and Eunjung.
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  9. Lies was a middle of the pack 2009 debut.

    You have legendary debuts like Fire and Ah.
    Middle debuts like Lies and Hot Issue.
    Then diabolical like Gossip Girl.
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  10. I'll always be mad this wasn't more successful.

    Honeslty, you should all listen to the album this track is from. It's so good. Butterfly, VARI2TY, Rally, Oops, Strong Girl/
    Clock the dress used again in Nine Muses' No Playboy.
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  11. Intro (Bounce) destroys lessors discographies.
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  12. Sighs.
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  13. R92


    Grimes-unnie is the next national soloist. That sly fox IU should watch out.
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  14. I was wondering if someone would catch that.....
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  15. Please explain what this means.
  16. R92


    This is the K-Pop subforum, so this topic is referring to non-singles by Korean musicians. Grimes happens to be Canadian, so Art Angels is a weird fit with the K-Pop forum. My comment was a joke pretending like Grimes was actually a Korean pop idol.

    I do agree with you that Art Angels is a fantastic album overall, though, although I think that's better for the general forum's list and charts threads.
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  17. Absentmindedness is absentminded. *crawls back under rock*

    But actually if you have any artiste suggestions for a beginner I'm all ears.
  18. Most people start with Girls Generation (SNSD).

    Visit this thread for more. It's a little outdated, but it has the major players in kpop.