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Twin Peaks

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by filmnoirish, Dec 18, 2009.


    I signed the guestbook but I doubt they'll let my message go through. . . (I just checked, and some have gone through, but not mine. Wah!)
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  2. We're finally getting answers and it's beginning to make some sort of sense. I don't want this to end.
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  3. 50% through. I can't believe we were originally only getting 9 episodes.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed it and glad we will be getting some closure.

    Well done David and big snaps to Mathew Lillard.
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  4. I keep thinking Evil Dale is going to somehow slot into Dougie's place once Good Dale snaps out of his stupor...if he snaps out of it. I have a feeling it'll happen in the last episode, probably the final scene!
  5. This. I mean, who the hell thought that Matthew Lillard of all people would have such a performance in him?
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  6. Evil Cooper had been a delight as well. What a bad guy!
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  7. I find myself every single week so thrilled! You have no idea what will happen next.

    I doubt Diane works with Evil Cooper, she is onto something sneaky, but I am sure there is so much more to it. I loved all the scenes involving Bobby, I loved the way they evolved his character in 25 years.

    Where is Audrey? she has to return soon, I think she could be the key to discover what is the noise Benjamin and Beverly keep hearing.

    SCREAMING at Sky Ferreira's character.
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  8. Rumour has it the visit count has been updated and is counting down in minutes to the finale.

    The first picture I took at 23.17 last night and the second at 7.50 this morning. The difference is 514 minutes which is 8.56 hours so pretty much spot on.
    Screenshot_20170711-231729.png Screenshot_20170712-075046.png
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  9. That armpit rash was the grimmest thing we've seen all season...
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  10. I don't know if it can happen in Twin Peaks lore (I'm not an uber fan) but the possibility of other characters potentially entering the lodge has me very excited.
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  11. Okay. A few thoughts and ideas.

    Johnny Horne smashing his face off a wall reminded me of Leland Palmer's death. Now that might not be significant but...where is Laura? Someone speculated on another forum that a big event would bring together all the old characters, possibly a funeral. Could there be something else at play here? Laura was in the red room and then she seemed to vanish. We all think she's trying to break into this dimension. Think that over. Has she someone made Johnny hurt himself?

    The red shoes of the receptionist caught Dale's attention may have been a throwback to Audrey's scene in the original series in which she wore very similar shoes. However, his attention moved from the red heels back to the plug socket on the wall. Is there some significance considering how Dale crossed over into this dimension via a plug socket via the mother box?

    The scene with Dougie/Dale drinking coffee and the police putting in a bag for DNA then it cut to Dougie Dale drinking from that same cup. Was there an editing mistake? Or something else?

    Jerry Horne's foot speaking to him in a similar voice to The Arm in The Black Lodge. There has to be some clue in there somewhere. Could he have found an entrance into the Black Lodge? Possibly the same place Major Briggs used to take Bobby when he was a kid?

    Now, something that someone else has said on a podcast: Bobby's transformation isn't quite working for me. I like it, in theory, but can anyone really see him going from what he was to what he is? Now we know there's corruption in the Twin Peaks Police Department - could Bobby be a bent copper?

    Diane's text message. I wonder if there's more going on with her than we realise? Someone elsewhere raised the point that Diane may be a secret antagonist, working with Bad Dale. I'm not sure about that one.

    My friend made a good point that we could be watching two different time zones. He gave me a long list of reasons why there are two separate stories at different times being told by David Lynch, but I can't recall specifics. Something to do with different dates being given onscreen at different times.
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  12. I thought the police officers walked out with another cup off coffee in a same looking mug and just switched them, taking the empty old one.

    With text message, someone pointed out to me that the text message Diane received was all in caps whereas the text message bad Dale sent was in lower case. So clearly there's a middle man in all of this.


    [​IMG]via Imgflip Meme Generator
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  13. That would make sense, but I wasn't sure.
  14. That is correct. The police man brought Dougie a fresh cup so he could take the old one away for DNA testing.

    One of the date things was that Bill Hastings signed the photo 9/20 and the piece of paper Hawk etc has said someone like 10/1 or 10/2.
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  15. It wasn't just the way it looked it was the SOUND, my god they amplified that scratching noise. Sky seemed to suggest there's more of her to come in tonight's episode so I look forward to that.

    I'm guessing Audrey will appear soon because it was said she'd be involved heavily in the new series. I feel like there will definitely be something that brings the old cast together, perhaps something to do with Laura. Right now it just feels like cameo's dipping in and out with nothing weaving them together, which I don't mind too much as the pace is picking up but it would be cool for nostalgia reasons to see them interact. I think we'll probably get a whole episode set in Twin Peaks at some point.
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  16. Really good episode tonight. Lots and lots happened.

    I love the mobile home manager, he's such a sweet old man.

    I hope Richard Horne dies, seriously.

    I loved the ending song, and see that David Lynch co-wrote it.

    Also just realized that we've seen every Horne AGAIN this episode, except Audrey. God Damn It.
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  17. Yaaaaaaassssssssss Rebekah Del Rio!
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  18. I actually thought this was the first true underwhelming episode. It wasn't bad but it meandered for me. Richard is a truly repulsive character and the casino guys are not interesting and their scenes took up a large part of the episode (the casino scenes in particular were too long).

    Having said that, the scene where Gordon opens the door was a classic Twin Peaks moment. Even though it used stock footage (for whatever reason), it was still unsettling.
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  19. So "Laura is the one", I wonder if the Giant putting her out in the world took time in the same moment she got expelled from the Black Lodge (we know time in the WL/BL is completely different from the real world), unless LAURA is similar to BOB, in the way they actually host humans (that would kind of explain Maddy and the supposed third character if the season wasn't cancelled).

    Richard is horrible, but it is pretty much confirmed he is Audrey's son, which means maybe BOB\Dale is the father? (which also lead at the "Richard & Linda" stuff the giant said in the first episode, who is Linda?)

    Chad is that girl I knew she was
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