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U.S. Politics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Honestly thought that last tweet was a parody.

    "Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend". What the fuck. Sounds like a 4 year old.
  2. To be fair to people, I think Tulsi purposely does toe a very confusing line in order to appear progressive on the front of American foreign policy and take advantage of people who, with good intentions, want to pushback against the way America has terrorized the Middle East.

    It happens within anti-intervention debates. You have anti-interventionists on the left who see each society as having their own struggles but nothing wholly unique and that they should be allowed to work it out on their own (and that CIA missions to assassinate and dispose secular leaders throughout Africa & the Middle East has only hurt these countries), while you have anti-interventionists on the right who co-opt such language, but because they think the Middle East is inherently full of barbarism because 1) Muslim and 2) Brown and that the West should allow them to reach their natural conclusion, which in these people's eyes is self-destruction.

    I'm not too sure where Tulsi falls on the spectrum of leftist progressive vs regressive right-wing reactionary. Tulsi's lack of commitment to defending the autonomy and eventual liberation of the illegally occupied Palestinians is indeed a red flag on how progressive she actually is (see? Litmus tests are good). Her support for Hindu nationalists who terrorize Muslims throughout Asia is curious and troubling. She sees support for native Americans on issues like DAPL as a progressive issue, but apparently she's not progressive enough to support the native residents of Palestine from genocide.

    The hands of the US in Syria aren't clean, we know that as fact (made even more suspect when its military outpost Israel continues to give medical aid to Al-Qaeda members). Again, simply co-opting the language of the anti-colonial left is not enough. It's great she's anti-American imperialism in Syria, but supporting legislation to block Syrian refugees from the US is another red flag about her motives. She has criticized the Bush Administration as "neo-con" yet gone out of her way to try & suppress those who criticize Israel for its neo-con actions against Gaza.
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  3. Okay but why is this me when I'm being petty
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  4. Also of note/concern:

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  5. Hours after saying he believed Putin, he's now saying he believes US intelligence officials that Russia interfered. He really is stupid enough to not realize that's an admission his team was involved based on what we know already
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  8. Is anyone else seeing the there/their/they’re issue at play?
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  9. One time my friend Lisa took her father, who had dementia, to see the last Lord of the Rings movie, which as we all know is an ungodly length. So it was in this quiet part of the movie where they're walking in a field or something, and all of a sudden her father shouts out, "WHEN WILL IT END???" in the middle of the theatre.

    I feel just like him right now.
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  10. Tulsi is an opportunist with a lot of baggage. I can't stand her ass and if she's our 2020 candidate... yikes.
  11. Screaming:

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  12. Supporting Putin over US intelligence agencies and calling Kim Jonh Un short and fat in a childish outburst? Just another weekend in the Age of Trump.
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  13. The leader of the free world, everybody!
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  14. Gavin Newsom would be an awesome 2020 candidate. Newsom/Harris would be a killer ticket.
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  15. Hmm, interesting development
  16. Apparently McConnell has also been saying privately that if they lose the seat they don't mind considering how trash Roy Moore is.
  17. Americans say they want lower drug prices... Trump wants to put in someone who used to work for the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company (Cialis, Prozac, Cymbalta and methadone) and was the president of Lilly USA
  18. What was this tweet about? It doesn't seem to ever load.
  19. McConnell said he believes Moore's accusers and that he should step aside immediately. He said he doesn't care if the party loses a Senate seat, it's morally the right thing to do

    Funny that the GOP suddenly cares about the morality of its decisions