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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.


Who should win the 2016 Presidential Election?

Poll closed Nov 11, 2016.
  1. The Democratic Nominee

  2. The Republican Nominee

  1. Apparently McConnell has also been saying privately that if they lose the seat they don't mind considering how trash Roy Moore is.
  2. Americans say they want lower drug prices... Trump wants to put in someone who used to work for the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company (Cialis, Prozac, Cymbalta and methadone) and was the president of Lilly USA
  3. What was this tweet about? It doesn't seem to ever load.
  4. McConnell said he believes Moore's accusers and that he should step aside immediately. He said he doesn't care if the party loses a Senate seat, it's morally the right thing to do

    Funny that the GOP suddenly cares about the morality of its decisions
  5. Surprising. Republicans will be going into 2018 with a 51/49 split; which means if the Democrats can pick up Arizona and Nevada then they have a strong chance of getting the majority.
  6. That’s assuming they hold all of their currents seats which...is ambitious.

    There’s no way Heitkamp, Manchin, Donnelly, and McCaskill are all holding onto their seats, even with how energized the Democratic base is. A lot of them are popular in their states, but they’re still in states that Trump handily won so I just don’t think it’s likely.

    Dems should focus on mitigating any heavy losses in 2018 and competing as many seats as possible and then come back swinging with a massive wave in 2020 when the map is more favorable for them.
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  8. There's talk that the Senate is looking into expelling Moore from office should he get elected (which hasn't been done since the Civil War apparently)
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  9. I'll believe it when I see it.
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  10. I mean, a Republican has only been an NJ senator in the last 30-40 years when appointed to finish out someone's term and was always replaced by an elected Democrat later, but I wouldn't be shocked if the GOP try to come for his seat, so uhhhh let's hope Menendez's corruption trial doesn't go too awfully.
  11. Current commentators are predicting a mistrial in Menendez’s case.

    If it comes to it, Menendez can just say that he’s going to resign in mid January which should take the heat off of any Democrats who don’t vote to remove him should McConnell/The GOP push for a vote to expel.

  12. *nervous laughter*
  13. They still don’t get it.

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  14. What does ‘we look like you’ even mean? To them or millennials?
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  16. Has this been removed? It won't load for me.
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  17. It's still up for me, but:

    Like I kind of~ understand the importance of personality and media play in a world where it did so well for Obama and Trudeau, but like... we're reaching a point where Democrats can't exploit IDPOL anymore than they can because it's being stressed thin.

    The candidates should be diverse and diversity is important, but the issues need to be just as diverse and rooted in identity as the candidates themselves. Ben Carson looked like a bunch of Black Americans, but just looking like them wasn't enough to suddenly get Black Americans to flip to the GOP.

    Something like banking regulations are an identity issue when banks disproportionately prey on poor people (class being an identity like any other) and people of color. IDPOL, if Dems want to actually use it, means you recognize there's these structures in place disenfranchising people on these constructed realities we call identity. Those systems, y'know, don't just magically stop short of influencing capitalism. There will never be positive effects from deregulating banks, no matter if you diversify the staff and heads of the banks.

    Oh, and look at that:
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  18. Hm, Sessions seemingly perjures himself today about Russia, rebukes calls for a special counsel into Clinton Foundation matters and says he believes Roy Moore's accusers

    This is also horrifying since outlets haven't posted anything about what it could be
  19. We shall see but my guts says executive order killing the Obamacare individual mandate.

    Or he's resigning. #HappyThought