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U.S. Politics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. States are apparently fine to require car insurance but the moment the FEDRAL GUBMENT require you to make living affordable it's tyranny. Cool.

    Has anyone else with anxiety and confidence issues actually been helped by this government? They're so patently, objectively hypocritical that it's literally impossible to second-guess yourself. In that sense it's been a huge confidence booster. Too bad I'm legitimately worried about the state of the world every day hahahahaga
  2. Definitely not my intention for that post to be taken that seriously, I find both to be so ridiculous, I see this new stance to be just Kim trying to one-up Trump.
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  3. It's just...Kim Jong Un is a literal dictator who imprisons and tortures his own people on the daily. Right now there are children in concentration camps being starved, kicked to death by government officials, buried alive, force fed rocks and shot to death.

    I get that this ongoing spat looks hilarious and cute to outsiders, but like...can we remember who these people are?
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  4. Part of the issue is that there's just so much poor and yellow journalism surrounding the DPRK that is just so awfully American-centric. DPRK's UN representative can give a speech where they ask for universal disarmament of nuclear weapons from all nuclear powers yet will defend itself if the US tries to invade their land, but US media on the left and right report "North Korea threaten nuclear strike".

    There's just so much American-centric dramatization around the country and its issues in ways that deter away from the real victims of the regime. Ridiculous headlines like saying DPRK wants to kill Trump or that "we're all going to die" if Trump issues war with them show the only way many can address the DPRK is when the framing is them acting onto the US.

    Add in the racist & Orientalist stereotypes of the Kim regime being "crazy" ("crazy" should never be used as a synonym for violent and this plays into Orientalist stereotypes on East Asians since WWII) or the people being "brainwashed" and there's just never any good journalism on issues involving the country.
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  5. We can most definitely remember who those people are. We can also acknowledge that just a year ago the US had a normal president, and now half the population is clinically depressed because of Trump. Making light of a horrible situation, is an outlet to a disgrace.
  6. The "LOL look at crazy Kim!!" narrative has been an issue for a long fucking time that I'm not entirely sure how to even correct at this point. It deflects from the fact that the North Korean government literally operates concentration camps and has elaborate systems in place to eavesdrop on their citizens to send them to those camps. I've been following/reading about North Korea for years and I can't stand how it's discussed & how easily people buy into it. The NK government knows this and it works to their advantage, allowing people to just point & laugh at them instead of acknowledging that 20 million + people are forced to live in literal hell.

    Not yelling at anyone in particular or anything but it's just frustrating to me so I use every mention of North Korea to start ranting about this.
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  7. Larry Sabato has changed his prediction for the Alabama senate race from Likely R to Lean D.

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  8. I just hope this relentless dragging of Moore lasts another 28 days and there's even more damaging stuff yet to come
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  9. Also of note:

    I hope many of the people who go "you should be a Dem to run on a Dem ticket" also feel that you should have Democrat values in order to run on a Dem ticket and take up important state senate seats.
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  10. Glad to see this issue being covered. Hopefully the grassroots energy that allowed us to flip so many seats in Virginia can go into flipping these seats to actual Democrats in the upcoming primary.
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  11. This entire thing is going to blow up further
  12. What polls are they getting this from?
  13. Naming a movie about high school cheerleaders. Good one, Roy.
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  14. Brrr! It's cold in here! There must be some pedos in the atmosphere!
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  15. Can we light all of Alabama on fire?
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