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U.S. Politics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.


Who should win the 2016 Presidential Election?

Poll closed Nov 11, 2016.
  1. The Democratic Nominee

  2. The Republican Nominee

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  2. Just another confirmation of how rotten people at Fox are.

  3. Yuck. This thing that always infuriates me is we're very lucky if we're born in a safe country, unaffected by things like poverty, war, corruption and grave injustices. If that was happening here, we'd be first in line to hop the border and seek refuge and safety elsewhere and we would expect other countries to help us by providing the same kinds of aid, shelter and a place of safety that we currently provide them. These people are so disgusting and incapable of empathy.
  4. It's unfortunate that most discourse has become "We don't want people from those shitholes" vs "It's our duty as Americans to save hard-working people from those shitholes!". Like... I think we're missing the point here, y'all.

    I do think though the latter have good intentions. It's just, again, unfortunate how that framing plays to white supremacy and stops conversations from progressing if it's never discussed that Western Exceptionalism frames how we see societies. Or how countries that are in disarray are often so due to regime change, resource imperialism, colonial "debts", etc.

    Same with the "look how many immigrants are educated!" thing. It's totally well-intentioned, but kills off room for nuanced discussion, like how already so many of who the US considers "qualified" to legally come here are from affluent and educated classes. The elephant in the room being, y'know, that the affluent in any society are usually well-off because they contribute to the oppression of their society's poor, with some even being complicit with the imperialism happening. If so many Nigerian immigrants, for example, are highly educated and come from an upper-middle class, and thus "deserve" to come to America, my thought is... why is there such universal contempt for poor Nigerians?

    Ignoring these nuances also makes it hard for certain communities to discuss issues, like the reality that some affluent immigrants have a contempt for people of color in settler nations and dismiss their lived experiences of being racialized. Right-wingers love being like "Japanese people love when others appropriate their culture!", ignoring that the experiences of Japanese nationals in ethnically homogenous Japan in relation to race will differ from those of Japanese-Americans. Or you'll see right-wingers be like "Here's an Iranian woman right out of Iran who thinks we should ban the hijab!," ignoring the unique lived experiences of Muslim American women and the racialized abuse they get for the hijab. But that's a different conversation.

    I wish this video went viral in response to all of this:
  5. Honestly between these well-thought through sociopolitical posts that get my brain whirring, and being the forum's resident streaming and sales stats queen, @Sanctuary might just be my fave PJhunty right now.
  6. April Ryan is amazing. She was the one shouting, "Mr. President are you a racist?" at the event yesterday as he turned and walked away.

  7. I do know my tone can be a bit too instructive sometimes and come off as aggressive ddd, but do know that outside of the wordiness, I always operate out of genuine empathy and care for specific issues. I truly think the discussion in here is 97%~ of the time productive and amazing for all points of view.

  8. ...........what on earth? How do you fuck this up that badly?

  9. *whispers* America is nervous about peace ever occurring in the peninsula and its military industry in East Asia becoming financially obsolete.
  10. Can I just say that April Ryan is a god send and she is absolutely essential at a time like this, more like her please, I'm begging.

    Astounding that 2 years later many are just now picking up on the fact Donald Trump has always been a racist. Were you asleep?
  11. He


    That TED Talk is amazing, thank you for sharing, boo.

    And thank you for always putting so much effort, eloquence and ridiculously on point content in your posts.
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  12. Well, they surely weren't/are woke...
  13. Can she just spontaneously combust already
  14. Shithole Gate is a fucking mess. As is Norwegians would be coming to the shithole mess that we are. Has he even realized why White European migration has stagnated? Like in France I can for 20 euros buy cheese, wine, bread and vegetables for like 5 days, where as in Whole Foods I'd spend $150 for a stale baguette, a bag of arugula, grass-fed Brie and shitty and watery bottle of Pinot Noir. Not to mention, we had to like stop enforcing immigration policies that favored people of a certain national origin.
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  15. Her politics veer far too reactionary and tone-deaf (esp. her views on Islam and her whitewashing of the violence from Hindu nationalists) but for a member of Congress to say this on national TV? dddd I see you, Tulsi, I see you. The reactions to her doing this are a kii.

    *cue the sighing in the distance by many at the idea of anti-imperialism becoming a leftist platform pillar that Democrats with 2020 hopes have to move to*