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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Dddddd whoever pitched getting Omarosa on this show has probably gotten a handsome raise.
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  2. That video made my stomach drop right out of my butt. She actually seems TERRIFIED. I'm sure she's playing it up a bit, but my goddddd that was intense.

    Edit: If this is all an act, which I'll never rule out with Omarosa, she deserves an Oscar.
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  3. I actually choked at this.
  4. Also, more winning:

    And this makes my skin crawl. Fox News is literally a different planet.
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  5. Trump has nothing to do with the Dow dropping.
  6. k, but tell him that for all the times he congratulated himself on the Dow rising.
  7. This, exactly. He has bragged endlessly and taken credit for the Dow rising - as have many of his supporters - and now as it logs record drops, they're literally back to blaming Obama.
  8. How could they possibly be blaming Obama for this?
  9. Well...the government has shut down ONCE AGAIN. That was fun while it lasted

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  10. Now for his kidneys to do the same.
  11. From one abuser to another
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  12. He sure loves taking his friends and allies at their word and saying we should listen to them when they say they're innocent (Putin, Roy Moore, Porter) .... and yet Obama was definitely born in Kenya despite all claims to the contrary, and let's not even go into the Central Park Five...........

    Oh, right... he's a racist.
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  13. He has to take abusers for their word because that's his only defense against the multitude of accusations against himself. "I didn't do it". And he gets away with it.
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  14. He's so tough on crime, yet pardons and makes excuses for criminals. Is anyone surprised he was a hypocrite yet again?
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  15. Time to repost this bop


  16. Then Trump will go on to praise this guy as well...while ignoring the actual victims yet again.

  17. At least I can revel in the fact that this White House is an absolute clusterfuck from top to bottom and nothing will ever change that.
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  18. Trump is refusing to allow the release of the Dems counter memo to the GOP one. He's going to get a lot of shit for it