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U.S. Politics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. He


    The level of incompetence by this government is outstanding, but there's literally no consequences for it.

    Rich white people can get away with anything, huh?
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  2. It's crazy to me that there's not some sort of limit on what someone with a temporary clearance can do. Like, Jared Kushner can't get security clearance but he can solve the middle east crisis with full access to classified information? He could literally be using classified secrets for business leverage.

  3. Ok yeah this isn't a verified account blah blah blah - but the tea in this tweet is strong. The reason why you guys in America have the orange in chief is 50% Russia hacking and 50% complacency and nitpicking because *Bernie Bro rich college student voice* 'Hillary is shooooo corrupht er mah gawd and my rich daddy says Trump is a good man so I'm gon' vote for him because that bitch stole the nomination from Our Lord and Savior Bernie Sanders and she uses a private e mail server!' along with actions from Stein, Johnson and Bernie - yes him too got you Drumpf as president.

    Anyhoo... the Dem voting base just needs to vote and vote in droves because that way even if Russia tries tampering with the votes again and they probably will - the margins will be too large in the Dems favour for Vladdy and his cronies to successfully alter the result enough in Trumps favour like they did in 2016.

    VOTE GUYS. Because if the Democrat voting base stay too unenthusiastic and picky about candidates for not being too radical left/centre left enough and picking up on their flaws as reasons not to vote like they did for Hillary - the orange fatass and his cronies are not going anywhere any time soon, in fact if that pattern continues they could gerrymander themselves into a second term and maybe it will be 10 more years if that before Democrats see power again. Who knows what could happen? So yeah, vote
  4. The big old redneck guy in a F250 with Obama and Hillary stickers with an added 'We Can Make America Great - Impeach Trump' decal plastered on his back truck bed windows warmed my heart today while in traffic. A true icon.

  5. It is insane to me the hell the Republicans put the Obamas and the Clintons through while Trump and his merry band of fools get away with doing things that are 100x worse every single day. I'm so exhausted of Democrats being absolutely limp and ineffectual.
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  6. This white house is truly the reality show that Trump always dreamed of having.

  7. The irony of 'America First' Fox News having a British person, who frankly knows nothing he's fucking talking about and is a trash receptacle for the far-right, giving their opinion on the whole thing is laughable
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  8. Piers fucking Morgan of all people trying to claim any sort of moral high ground when he's a dumpster filled with two-month-old trash on fire is laughable at best.

    I screamed at "invented gay smears" though because it immediately made me think of that joke Tumblr post about how Britney Spears created the Eiffel Tower
  9. Not to be accused of a Putin apologist and a Kremlin Bot 5000, but people are aware that - as far as the US government knows - no votes were physically or digitally altered, right?
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  10. I don’t believe so. With that said, I’ve read articles where they had hackers literally hack the voting machines and it was...not difficult. So it’s is a concern.

    Scream at me speaking up for someone I’ve dragged up and down this thread

    EDIT: Found it. They did try to actually alter voting data in Illinois (probably as a test run in a less competitive state where they’d attract less attention, but now I’m putting my tinfoil hate on)


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  11. I mean, I read there were about 70k votes that the GOP refused to have manually counted in Michigan where Trump won by 11k votes so the shenanigans are real. That's not counting the Russian meddling which the White House refuses to address.
  12. Exactly. And those members that have dragged me for posting that Trump would win over Hillary in 2016 and then for posting supposedly 'unreliable' sources and that Russia did have an impact on the 2016 election results - this head in the sand mentality in people is exactly what allowed Trump to ascend into power and get away with the shit he has been doing. Like wake up

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  13. Nobody dragged you for your general opinion, they dragged you for going crazy about it like always. You’re 400% all the time.
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  14. The whataboutism and distractions are reaching new, embarrassing highs. Neither one of these men deserve their platforms.
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  15. My point is that unless it's so concrete that it ends in Trump in jail, I don't think "your democracy means nothing and can be stolen at any moment, so you need to vote" is the best type of messaging for getting the most politically cynical generation in history out to vote.

    There's negative messaging and positive messaging. Negative messaging is all about getting people to not vote for someone and positive messaging is all about getting someone to vote for yourself.

    We've seen that negative messaging can work out of the sheer need for survival (ex: Roy Moore losing), but not every candidate will be so openly trash like a Jim Crow-apologist pedophile who rides a horse. Bigotry does have a way in disguising itself as "professional" and "moderate". John Kasich is out here blaming black women for infant mortality and even the most staunch liberals are like "he seems way better than Trump! He'd have my vote over a looney lefty!".

    And at the end of the day, people get tired of having to fight. Exhaustion & disillusionment in electoral politics is a thing. Maybe that disillusionment won't be there for Round 2, but it was there in 2016.

    The problem with 2016 was that there was an abundance of reasons to not vote for Trump, but Dems struggled in making Hillary appealing. For many, it was a vote of reluctance, and as we saw, that wasn't enough. People can't just get inspired out of preventing harm. They need to work to a common goal of gaining something. Republicans openly do this - they do not care how their bigoted policies harm groups because 1) those groups largely don't vote R and 2) these policies inspire their base.

    Dems? Not so much. They want marginalized people to vote, but they also want the campaign donations from the industries that most harm their base. Criminal justice reform? Oh the private prison industry won't like that. Medicare For All? Oh the insurance industry won't like that. And I just don't think "RUSSIAN BOTS ARE EVERYWHERE, BEWARE WOO" is enough of an inspiring distraction from that to get votes.
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  16. There's been ANOTHER mass shooting at a school in South Florida, at least 20 injured. Shooter still at large
  17. Thoughts and prayers.
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  18. Ugh there are videos from inside the school on Twitter and they are absolutely horrific. They're saying at least 7 dead.