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U.S. Politics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Come on Stormy.


  2. So... as more of the dossier gets confirmed........

  3. Trump ordered strikes on Syria.
  4. How disgusting. Macron just going along with May & Trump shows the center will never be an effective force to block the growing of fascism and violence.

    The way the US has terrorized the Middle East has to come to an end eventually.
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  5. Won’t dare take any refugees either.

    Getting flashbacks to sitting in 8th grade history and being made to watch the propaganda about Iraq and Afghanistan and why we must take action....
  6. If this isn’t the truth...

  7. I’m seriously going to be sick. I’m so speechless. I can’t believe this could lead to war and poor Syria. So disgraceful.
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  8. I’m getting flashbacks to the first strikes in Iraq, and it’s so... unsettling. Especially when we played a huge role in creating this problem.. It’s even scarier/sadder that this is essentially just a proxy war with the real risk of nuclear warfare. This was never going to end well.
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  9. UGH!!!! These poor people. This'll never end, will it?

    And to think, the place where my family is originally from was once a part of a "vilayet" with Aleppo. They are neighbors to me in a way, and it just sickens me to think of what's happening to the land and its people. Can't really think of the words to describe how this all makes me feel.

    I'm literally sitting here bawling my eyes out about this while trying to eat a sandwich and it's so dry I'm choking. Help.
  10. I remember talking to @digitalkaiser months ago about how it felt like we were reliving our tumultuous high school days under Bush. I feel the same.
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  11. The three clowns on the Intelligence committee have asked Rosenstein to produce unredacted Comey memos by the end of the day Monday. If he hands them over, Trump will know where part of the investigation is and could alter his story again. If he doesn't hand them over, they're going to attack him until he resigns.

    The real reason we even bombed Syria tonight wasn't for the usual American 'we must save everyone and convert them to democracy' bullshit we usually use. This was purely to take the heat off Trump and Cohen, which is deplorable to attack a foreign country and its people -- who aren't even happy we're sticking our nose in -- to save your gigantic ego.

    This is a coordinated attack to end an investigation and draw away all media attention from that. At the expense of billions of people. Fuck this

  12. There’s always a tweet
  13. Here's some... performance art (??) to lighten the mood:

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  14. WWIII is trending, I feel like throwing up. It was a somewhat okay 26 years of being alive, I guess.
  15. This is the part where I say I don't want it.
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  16. So of course the Turkey government released a speech that basically they support the attack.

    I do not want to die in this country.
  17. Bad Bitch Mueller keeping his foot on all their throats.
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  18. This whole thing makes me so angry and sad.
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