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U.S. Politics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Now just imagine if all of these people weren't incompetent then it'd really be awful. Trump has been garbage since birth and deals with nothing but garbage people so this is the result.
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  2. But right after court adjourned, did y'all SEE Stormy Daniels SWOOP UP to those microphones and DECLARE that she would not REST until the TRUTH IS REVEALED?

    Icon. Queen. Savior of America etc.
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  3. I need her to be on $1 bills in the near future.
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  4. I went to the hearing today and briefly saw Stormy Daniels in person and had to suppress a small stan-like freak out.

    It's a fun time to be interning at SDNY!
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  6. It's obvious Trump has been dealing with criminals for decades trying to save his 'empire' from bankruptcy and he needs to go to prison for it. My biggest fear is that their entire criminal enterprise will get away with it thanks to Fox News propaganda and GOP protection.
  7. Also, in the midst of the Hannity/Cohen thing let's not forget:
  8. Watching Comey with the media blitz during his book tour:

  9. Reminder that Mitch McConnell is a corrupt piece of shit
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  10. The gubernatorial ads in my state are hilarious, everyone bending over backwards to say how good they are at being a piece of shit.
  11. Is T*ump meeting with Kim Jung Un his Selina Meyer China/Tibet deal meauxment? Hm...
  12. Trump gives me fan who watches Veep and thinks you’re supposed to root for Selena instead of enjoying the schadenfreude of her incompetence teas so this seems about right.
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  13. I'm here for the mess when Kim and Moon trick him into agreeing to remove all US military personnel from the peninsula because he was unattended to for like 5 minutes.
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  14. How can the man be nonexistent if you are proposing that the man looks like her ex-boyfriend??