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UK Eurovision Entry 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Agreed i would rather Rachel Lester represent us than that rubbish.
  2. One of the people in the leaked list has denied any involvement - so there could be hope!
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  4. Why do I already fear for our chances this year? I think we need a big name (or a decent name) to get us anywhere.
  5. We get no respect each year, as we don't earn it and treat Eurovision like a joke. Why can't we follow the Swedish example and make an effort.. and then promote the hell out of it. When we did it with Jade and Andrew LW it worked, if we'd kept on that track (not using Pete Waterman) it could have produced results
  6. It's a self-fulfilling cycle. Poor reputation attracts poor talent attracts poor reputation.

    I don't think an extensive national final like MelFest is the way to go. I think, instead, the BBC should shell out some money and outright buy one of the billion demos that is floating about major label A&R. There are so many songs by good songwriters stuck in rotation at major labels and not being used by any of their artists. Why not spend £50k buying all the rights to the song, then enlist any half-talented Voice/X Factor alumni to perform it?
  7. I'm not saying it needs to be anywhere near as big as what Sweden do, the Jade and Andrew show certainly wasn't - we just need to take it seriously, good song, excellent vocalist and extensive promo - we need to earn our stripes, can't just expect to do well., Lucy did well last year, and we need to build on that - I just have feeling the BBC will follow it up badly, like they did with Pete Waterman and Josh after Jade
  8. Ultimately I think we need to have something original and that stands out, in a good way. If you look back at previous winners of the past couple of years, they've sounded like nothing else in the contest that year. The song is the key - a dull/uninspired tune sung excellently doesn't necessarily always equal success at Eurovision.

    I agree that Promo couldn't hurt, but realistically how much Promo did Portugal do last year?
  9. Salvador's health story and the lack of promo as a result played a big part in this winning arc.

    A big problem is that the contest is going through an 'authenticity' phase, where songs in native languages and songs with cultural references are succeeding again (hence every non-english song in the contest advancing to the final) and the likes of Origo, Amar Pelos Dois and Occidentali's Karma placing in the top 10. Britain doesn't have the ability to go for something authentic without submitting some guitar wielding straight white man doing his best Ed Sheeran impression.

    On the other hand, Moldova and Norway submitted two of the most contemporary songs in the contest and placed highly because of that - so I reckon @Rhombus' idea of a genuinely radio-friendly song with crossover appeal is the way to go. Most of the pop attempts at the national final last year were incredibly tinny and basic.
  10. We haven't sent an objectively good song this century yet, a few so-so efforts, but nothing that screams classic. With our general attitude to the EU, I don't see that changing for some time.

    In other news, my friend has given me a ticket to the selection show at the Brighton Dome, sure to be shorting out my Grindr in its gayness.
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