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Ultimate AlbumJustice - Countdown (#141 - 8 Points)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, May 13, 2017.

  1. The variety of entries on this list (1950s albums, 2017 albums, video game soundtracks, and now holiday albums) is kind of amazing.
  2. #177. P.M. Dawn - Jesus Wept
    (2 of 29)

    7 Points - @Cotton Park


    Year: 1995
    Country: United States
    Genre: Hip Hop
    Label: Gee Street
    Producer: Eric Kupper
    Main Writer: Attrell Cordes (P.M. Dawn)


    1. Intro
    2. Downtown Venus
    3. My Own Personal Gravity
    4. I'll Be Waiting For You
    5. Forever Damaged (The 96th)
    6. Apathy...Superstar! ?
    7. The Puppet Show
    8. Silence...Recorded at the Gravesite of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    9. Why God Loves You
    10. Miles from Anything
    11. The 9:45 Wake-Up Dream
    12. Sonchyenne
    13. A Lifetime
    14. Sometimes I Miss You So Much (Dedicated to the Christ Consciousness)
    15. Fantasia's Confidential Ghetto: 1999/Once In a Lifetime/Coconut

    Singles Run

    1. Downtown Venus
    2. Sometimes I Miss You So Much (Dedicated to the Christ Consciousness)

    Best Chart Position

    #119 (United States)

    From Our Voters

    @Cotton Park

    Favorite Track: "Miles from Anything"
    Recommendation: "Sometimes I Miss You So Much (Dedicated to the Christ Consciousness)"
    Underrated Track: "I'll Be Waiting for You"

    Attrell Cordes (a.k.a. Prince Be, RIP) was one of the most misunderstood, underrated, and criminally overlooked songwriters ever. P.M. Dawn took new jack swing to a new level of artistry that transcended pop and R&B.

  3. #177. Hole Live Through This
    (3 of 29)

    7 Points - @AshleyKerwin

    Hole // 2nd Album :: Celebrity Skin (5) - Live Through This (7)


    Year: 1994
    Country: United States
    Genre: Grunge/Punk Rock
    Label: DGC
    Producers: Paul Q. Kolderie, Sean Slade
    Main Writers: Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson (Hole)


    1. Violet
    2. Miss World
    3. Pump
    4. Asking For It
    5. Jennifer's Body
    6. Doll Parts
    7. Credit in the Straight World
    8. Softer, Softest
    9. She Walks on Me
    10. I Think That I Would Die
    11. Gutless
    12. Rock Star

    Singles Run

    1. Miss World
    2. Doll Parts
    3. Violet
    4. Softer, Softest

    Best Chart Position

    #8 (Belgium) #13 (United Kingdom) #52 (United States)



    From Our Voters


    I think this is a great album that gets overlooked by Courtney's public persona and angry Nirvana fans. I'm stunned by how confessional the lyrics feel (Courtney screaming "there is no milk!" about her daughter being taken away and being under her parents' custody who clearly can't breastfeed is such a brazen "Yeah, I said it" moment).

    Fave- Asking For It
    Underrated- Asking For It
    New Listener- Violet

  4. Live Through This is legitimately so iconic.
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  5. A&E


    P.M. Dawn made some beautiful stuff, especially on the first 3 albums. The Bliss Album...? is my favourite (Looking Through Patient Eyes! even Brandy covered I'd Die Without You!) but Jesus Wept is not far behind and it's so unfairly overlooked. They also had so many single remixes I love it (as a single remix fan) and I hate it (as I'm going to be looking for some of them for ages)
  6. I did some preliminary research into PM Dawn for my upcoming rate, only knowing "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" beforehand... I didn't get to Jesus Wept (I certainly will before too long), but it turns out their first two albums are brilliant! You want some Christian psychedelic hip-hop soul? Go here.

    Live Through This is a heck of an achievement. Say what you will about Courtney's antics, she made some great music in her time, and that's what really counts.
  7. #177. Kashmir - Zitilites
    (4 of 29)

    7 Points - @LKane


    Year: 2003
    Country: Denmark
    Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock
    Label: Sony
    Writers/Producers: Kashmir


    1. Rocket Brothers
    2. Surfing the Warm Industry
    3. The Aftermath
    4. Ruby Over Diamond
    5. Melpomene
    6. The Push
    7. Ramparts
    8. Petite Machine
    9. The New Gold
    10. Big Fresh
    11. In the Sand
    12. Small Poem of Old Friend
    13. Zilities
    14. Bodmin Pill

    Singles Run

    1. In the Sand
    2. Rocket Brothers
    3. Surfing the Warm Industry
    4. The Aftermath
    5. Melpomene

    Best Chart Position

    #1 (Denmark)

    From Our Voters


    Fave Track: Rocket Brothers
    Recommended: Rocket Brothers
    Underrated: Rocket Brothers

    In general, Kashmir is a very underrated band. They’re from Denmark and this album and the single “Rocket Brothers” became HUGE in Denmark and Latin America. It was 2008 and a friend of mine put this song in his car and talked me about how amazing the music video was, so I later watched it on youtube and of course I totally fell for it. It is such a touching music video and also the song can make you feel so nostalgic. The lyrics begins with “I miss you so much boy”… and talks about missing your best friend that is no longer with you somehow, and it’s funny that actually I miss this friend who made me listen to the song, and also I think about my first dog. The band in general has this Radiohead vibe but I like more Kasper Estrup’s voice (Kashmir vocalist). The album has a bunch of depressing songs which is great and my faves are “The Aftermath” “Melpomene” and of course “Rocket Brothers”.

  8. #177. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - The Boatman's Call
    (5 of 29)

    7 Points - @Ironheade


    Year: 1997
    Country: Australia
    Genre: Alternative Rock/Post Punk/Art Rock/Experimental Rock
    Label: Mute/Reprise
    Producers: Flood, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    Writer: Nick Cave


    1. Into My Arms
    2. Lime Tree Arbour
    3. People Ain't No Good
    4. Brompton Oratory
    5. There Is a Kingdom
    6. (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For?
    7. Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?
    8. West Country Girl
    9. Black Hair
    10. Idiot Prayer
    11. Far From Me
    12. Green Eyes

    Singles Run

    1. Into My Arms
    2. (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For?

    Best Chart Position

    #2 (Norway) #5 (Australia) #22 (United Kingdom)

    From Our Voters


    Favourite track: "People Ain't No Good"

    For the new listener: "Into My Arms"

    Most underrated: "(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For?"

  9. PM Dawn are a bit of a forgotten gem, Downtown Venus from the album chosen here is a corker.
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  10. #177. Five Star - Silk & Steel
    (6 of 29)

    7 Points - @phoenix123


    Year: 1986
    Country: England
    Genre: Pop
    Label: RCA/Tent
    Producers: Buster Pearson, Richard James Burgess
    Main Writers: Sue Sheridan, Paul Gurvitz, Billy Livsey, Michael Jay, Michael George Jackson-Clark, Deniece Pearson, Pamela Phillips Oland, Doris Pearson


    (Side A)

    1. Can't Wait Another Minute
    2. Find the Time
    3. Rain or Shine
    4. If I Say Yes
    5. Please Don't Say Goodnight

    (Side B)

    1. Stay Out of My Life
    2. Show Me What You've Got for Me

    3. Are You Man Enough
    4. The Slightest Touch
    5. Don't You Know I Love It

    Singles Run

    1. Can't Wait Another Minute
    2. Find the Time
    3. Rain or Shine
    4. If I Say Yes
    5. Stay Out of My Life
    6. The Slightest Touch
    7. Are You Man Enough

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Best Chart Position

    #1 (United Kingdom) #80 (United States)



    From Our Voters


    There was a time when all that really mattered was Madonna and Five Star. Such simple carefree times as an 8 year old in 1986. Pick up a copy of Look In (which even had its own Five Star cartoon strip) and you'd see they were all my demographic were talking about. How does Deniece do that thing with her eye makeup? Is Lorraine dating Eddie Murphy? Does Stedman have a girlfriend? One of their B-sides was used as the theme to a kids TV Show. They were on the Royal Variety. They were constantly on the chart with no less than 6 hit singles from this album. They were everywhere.

    I do LOVE a good pop logo and Five Star had one locked down from very early on - their second charting single. It's very versatile as evidenced by its use for several years.
    Five Star's debut album Luxury Of Life had more of a british RnB flavour and certainly has its fans still but this follow-up saw the Pearson family (Deneice, Lorraine, Doris, Stedman and Delroy), dubbed the british Jacksons, go full on power pop after the final cut and poppiest single yet from their debut, System Addict, started the year being by far their biggest hit yet at #3.

    By the end of 86 they were the biggest pop group of the year. This album was the tenth biggest selling album of 1986. They were the youngest ever group to make UK #1 on the album chart and later picked up the Brit for British Group in February 87. The dance routines, the sequins and shoulder pads. It was all so glamorous, so Dallas, so american, so 80s. Silk and Steel. The very name of the album sounded like an 80s american detective duo! Remarkably their US success was limited and they had their final couple of Hot 100 hits (Can't Wait Another Minute #41, If I Say Yes #67).

    Like Rhythm Nation this album really benefits from having hit single after hit single keeping up the quality. The only oddity being track 5, Please Don't Say Goodnight, a smaltzy ballad and the only track without Deneice on lead vocals. Five of the first 6 tracks were singles and helpfully in order of release!

    Can't Wait Another Minute, lead single and their second top ten hit, starts off the album as it means to go on. There is no subtlety here: it's power pop and melodic hooks all the way. All set to tight formation dancing. What elevates this album, however, from any other classic 80s pop are Deneice's vocals. Always hugely underrated as a vocalist. The vocals are powerful yet warm and as soulful as can be in a 4 minute pop song. There are the occasional Jacksonesque vocal ticks but these never became obtrusive until much later in her career (a result of starring in the Thriller musical).

    Second single Find The Time also duly hit the top ten but I feel it's pretty much overlooked these days. It's the funkiest number on the album with it's chanting chorus and parping horns and the colourful video sees them performing at various London landmarks. The single remix adds a few nice flourishes to the instrumentation aswell.

    Third track and single Rain Or Shine became their biggest ever hit narrowly missing out on #1 to Madonna's True Blue. It's a pleasantly saccharine ballad which brings back nice memories but is probably the weakest single here in retrospect. Terrible use of green screen and animation in the video to boot but they still look fabulous.

    Fourth track and fourth single If I Say Yes is as frenetic as it is melodic but is the only single not to reach the UK top 10, possibly as a result of the success of the album at the time. The US remix which was inexplicably included on the original 1989 Greatest Hits album (which is otherwise worth getting for all the original 7" edits) is unlistenable.

    Track 6 and fifth single Stay Out Of My Life returned them to the UK top ten again. This has to be my favourite Five Star single, I never tire of it. Self penned by Deneice. The video is an 80s pop treat. It's all about the EPIC middle 8 and the key change - something I know Popjustice will appreciate. There's even a guitar solo.

    For those familiar with the singles Show Me What You've Got For Me is the most noteworthy album track. Rather laid back verses but still beautifully sung. More of those parping horns as we step up a gear for the melodic chorus. Effortless mid 80s pop funk.

    US only single Are You Man Enough continues the laid back vibe, this is a funkier summery track and hit #15 on the RnB chart.

    The album version of the final single The Slightest Touch obviously lacks the Pettibone flourishes of the single version (UK #4 for a sixth single was impressive!) but in any form that chorus is compelling. Youngsters may know it best as covered by Lousie Nurding for her Greatest Hits album.

    The album is bookended by the funky Don't You Know I Love It that has Deneice purring over the outro in her best american accent "You're so fine", proving the second half of the album is just as strong as the first and their sights were most definitely set on american if not world domination.

    1) Your favorite track on the album

    Stay Out Of My Life

    2) The track you would recommend to a new listener

    Show Me What You've Got For Me / The Slightest Touch

    3) What you consider the most underrated track on the album.

    Find The Time

  11. There..finally got all your videos right @phoenix123!
  12. [​IMG]

    The inadvertent spoiler channel has been shut down.

    (Not that @phoenix123 and I were going to match on anything, but still....)
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  13. System Addict, Can't Wait and Find The Time were a terrific trio of singles (I know the former is from the previous album, but still) - at that point they were one of my favourite pop/soul/funk acts, along with Loose Ends. By the time of Rain Or Shine, it was all getting a bit MOR. I never really got back on board until Another Weekend and Rock My World.
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  14. I know everyone thinks this, but I'm honestly a little surprised at me being the only voter for Live Through This. In high school, I would time my bus rides to the entire album.
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  15. You were in high school in 1994? Or you just had retro music appreciation in high school?
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  16. Whitney I Ain't Telling You.Gif.

    Number 2.

    In high school I went from listening to Kelly Clarkson to Hole, PJ Harvey, and Nirvana. The Go Ask Alice teas. My December really is a gateway album.
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  17. I was also listening to Kelly Clarkson, but My December came out when I was in college (I wonder if your high school playlist influenced your top album picks like it did mine?). Basically for me it was whatever new music I could find on KaZaA or other P2P sites, plus a smattering of punk rock since some of my friends were pretty into it. I mostly just studied (I did IB - AP's ugly stepsibling) and collected academic-oriented extracurricular activities (I was a (pretty awful) mathlete, which probably surprises no one).
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  18. I really had to restrain myself from adding more Christmas albums into my list.

    I am a Christmas freak....there, I said it.

    I have about 7 days worth of Christmas music on my hard drive. When you don't drink or smoke or do drugs, you have to find bizarre ways of getting your kicks.
  19. No shame in that!

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  20. I think I only have 3 of my high school albums (only Live Through This has shown up) up, but I listened to one of them for the first time 2 weeks before graduation so I'm counting it as college. If I did this in my senior year, I would have My December, Lily Allen's It's Not Me, It's You, and more Alanis.
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