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Ultimate AlbumJustice - Countdown (Winner: Carly's Instant Classic - Finishing Voter Summaries)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, May 13, 2017.

  1. I'm talking about Canada.
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  2. Exactly and there are tons of artists that could be on people's lists. So you aren't giving away anything. xx
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  3. A little more breakdown on mine:

    5 U.S. 2 UK 2 Canada 1 Sweden

    3 Teen-Pop 4 Dance-Pop 2 Pop-Rock 1 Indie-Pop

    8 Solo Female 2 Group Female
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  4. There might be a slight correlation here....
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  5. I'd rather my list be a little transparent, so no can accuse me of changing it. Not everything is as it seems though.
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  6. So here are some albums I considered putting in my top 10 with varying levels of seriousness, but ultimately didn't. One of these would be have been my choice for #11...the other two I briefly entertained before promptly removing.



  7. I have a handful of albums that got the final cut. I don't want to post them now or I'd feel like I'm spoiling too much. I will either mention it if they get picked by other people when those albums get revealed or find a way to post them as interludes.
  8. HOLY SHIT. You cannot do this to me. After careful consideration I both cut Fallen and the LOTR OST from my list. I AM SHOOK I AM NOT ALONE. And is there someone else?!
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  9. Apologies, @Sprockrooster ...though I did replace Fallen with an album from another female-fronted rock band, and LOTR OST with my favorite trance/EDM album that no one's ever heard of (not Avicii nn).
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  10. I'd better include something from it in my 00s Eurodance Rate or else, right?
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  11. Indeed. They're supposedly re-collaborating and producing new material together, for whenever you get to your 10s Eurodance Rate!
  12. No apologies needed as I did cut them too. I am surprised it made someone's list in the first place. Suddenly I look at my album list which seems to be definitive that might hold several albums other people also voted for.
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  13. Yesssssss, secret Eurodance people.

    I'm saving this for when I get back from holiday and I feel so left out right now!
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  14. @DJHazey quick clarifying question... just trying to understand what I can get away with to maximize my Top 10. Given the following 3 examples of album continuances.. are any of these accepted as 1 album or are they all separate?

    1. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Complete Confection - a few songs added on the re-release most of which were from the original recording sessions for the main album.

    2. Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster - Many songs added to a deluxe version re-release, but also simultaneously released separately on it's own EP. Most songs on the re-issue were from a separate recording session than The Fame.

    3. Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion and Side B - Released separately but both a part of the same recording session for the album.
  15. @GimmeWork

    I would consider The Fame Monster and Side B as their own releases, but The Complete Confection as part of Teenage Dream.
  16. Awesome! Thanks for clarifying. This is going to be an inner blood bath to decide. Hahaha! But I can't wait to see what everyone picks!
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  17. @Mina @Sprockrooster Fallen is amazing and I nearly blew out my subwoofers in college playing it on full blast on a regular basis. Oddly there isn't anything other album in the same genre that I know so well from beginning to end.
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  18. Numbers 1-9 were pretty much set in stone within two minutes, but here are some of the serious contenders that didn't make my list in the end:

    Rebecca & Fiona - I Love You, Man!
    Annie - Don't Stop
    Nelly Furtado - Folklore
    Wonder Girls - Reboot (I still feel bad for this not being my only k-pop album on my list, but it felt a bit too recent to be 100% sure.)
    SHINee - Lucifer
    Taylor Swift - 1989
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  19. There are like 5 songs I really love from Fallen but that's always been it. People who love that sound might be interested to check out Flyleaf sometime. Lacey's got capable vocals and don't worry their religious aspect isn't shoved down your throat, they're lyrics are usually applicable to anything you want them to.
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  20. I definitely enjoy Flyleaf (especially their Memento Mori period)! Though, I probably find it harder than most to overlook their religious overtones, as compared to say, Evanescence.
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