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Ultimate AlbumJustice - Countdown (Winner: Carly's Instant Classic - Finishing Voter Summaries)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, May 13, 2017.

  1. Evanescence was one of those things I sort of missed out on as a phenomenon. The time when everyone in my social circle was into them (about 2007), I was already getting into harder metal, although I still liked the Hot Topic stuff for the most part (didn't fully drop that until late 2008 or so), and just had to be an edgelord about them in the way that budding metalheads are.

    I don't think I've even listened all the way through Fallen. But honestly I think they're better than most nu-metal, from what I've heard - and I know a lot who got into things like Epica and After Forever on the back of tween Evanescence fandom, so they've got being a decent metal entry point going for them.
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  2. If you haven't listened to it all the way through, you're missing out on Whisper, which is one of their best.

    The Latin chanting from 3:28 onwards is a MOMENT.
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  3. Yes Whisper is definitely a highlight.
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  4. Oddly, the version on Fallen omits the whispering that gave the song its name, which is on the original version:

    To be honest, I prefer the version on Fallen. I'm surprised they didn't rename the song, though.
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  5. Hello gets me everytime. So dark!

    Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping
    Hello, I'm still here
    All that's left of yesterday
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  6. Hey, not bad. Gives me some more pop-oriented Mother Earth-era Within Temptation vibes.
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  7. I have no idea what you just said, but it sounds worthy of a like.
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  8. I've seen Within Temptation as a recommendation for liking In This Moment, Unsun, The Birthday Massacre, etc. so maybe I should check them out.

    The Birthday Massacre is another band that those who like Evanescence should check out, at least for Pins and Needles which is their 'poppiest' album by far.
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  9. And this is why you never even tentatively hint about anything to do with metal with me. I will go mad and assume everyone has listened to everything. (See later: one of my album write-ups.)

    Yeah, WT's definitely the more poppy "in" to the Euro symphonic metal scene, but it's mostly good stuff. I'd recommend with The Heart of Everything, that's where they consolidate their more mainstream angle (they kinda sucked at actually being heavy to begin with, so that really allows them to concentrate on their melodic trengths) and Sharon's voice gets a lot more grounded and solid.
  10. Everyone who has sent is now entered again.

    The album currently in second place probably had 1,000,000 to 1 odds going in. Just saying.
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  11. I finished the commentary for my #4-#10 albums (I went a bit overboard). I might be finishing overall this weekend, but let me post my stats already:

    80's: 2x
    90's: 1x
    00's: 5x
    10's: 2x

    Recency bias really killed most albums from the 10's. And one album from the 70's came very close.

    Male solo artists: 2x
    Male-fronted bands: 1x
    Female solo artists: 6x
    Female-frondted bands: 1x

    Would have loved a male (4) versus female (6), but it was just not justified.

    Pop: 3x
    Rock: 2x
    Poprock: 2x
    Urban-Pop: 1x
    Soul: 1x
    Blues: 1x

    Well balanced actually.

    US: 7x
    Canada: 1x
    Ireland: 1x
    Scotland: 1x

    Screaming at both Ireland and Scotland have an album high up in the bubbling under also, but no apparent love for England or my home country the Netherlands.
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  12. I think I've managed to narrow my list down to ten, so barring any glaring omissions I have forgotten about, this is what it currently looks like:

    Female x10 (my 11th place was a man and it hurt to cut it!)
    Groups x2, solo artists x8
    UK x3, US x6, Canada x1
    1990s x1, 2000s x4, 2010s x5
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  13. Let's break it down.
    8 solo ladies
    1 solo gentleman
    1 group

    70s x 2
    90s x 2
    2010s x 6

    Oldest: 1971
    Newest: 2016
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  14. I think my list will look a bit like this:

    8 solo ladies
    1 all male group
    1 female fronted group (or solo artist depending on how you count them)

    Newsest: 2016
    Oldest: 1959

    Highest UK chart peak: 1
    Lowest: 101 (i think)
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  15. Oh, I didn't do chart peaks: Highest is #1, and lowest is #28.
  16. I don't really understand how the reveals go for a rate like this (much like I felt lost on the April Charts), do all voted albums get a shout out or only the top 10 overall? @DJHazey, bb, help a sis out.

    I'm thinking of participating, but I feel like my ballot would be a mess, especially since I wasn't very album-oriented growing up, which means all of mine would be more recent releases that I have deep attachment towards and many an argument could be made about how they're not exactly the best of all time.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    With this being personal lists I'm sure arguments could be made for most people's lists.
    And where you might lean more towards recent acts others (including me) might lean a little too much towards old albums for nostalgic sake.
    Just like in the Ultimate song and artist countdowns it's about whatever we end up if everyone blindly just submits their personal faves.
    You might be surprised by people actually sharing your love for certain albums.. or your albums might gain some new fans from it.
  18. Everything gets its own reveal. From #500 down to #1 (or however many albums we vote on collectively). Probably like 2-3 albums per day, at least.

    That said, vote no matter if you think you'll have matches with anyone else or not.
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  19. Thank you both for the clarifications, I'll join in on the fun then!
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  20. I'm having my doubts about my #10 album. Everything else is, at least in my heart, perfect, but I'm not so sure about this one. I'm gonna have to think about it.

    Also, I'm very curious about which act(s) will end up getting the most mentions.
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