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Ultimate AlbumJustice - Countdown (Winner: Carly's Instant Classic - Finishing Voter Summaries)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, May 13, 2017.

  1. I know; I'm just teasing!
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  2. I can see the black eyeliner from here...........
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Beat me to it!
  5. I thought so. But I was checking just in case.

    I am also rather sure I am the only one for my 4-pointer album. From one of my true queens. So if I am not alone consider me very shook.
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  6. I miss the old Avril (first two albums - after that, give me "Keep Holding On" and keep the rest). I think of her like I think of early Taylor Swift - plenty of teenage naivete, but once you get past that, a very sharp songwriter with a gift for emotional honesty and surprising depth at times. Good stuff, and it's aged very well. (Time for a stylistic revival in the mainstream?)

    You know, I might just check out that Bic Runga album. A @beyoncésweave writeup can usually convince me in that regard.
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  7. Surprised Under My Skin didn't get more votes. Great choices for "Fall To Pieces" @Mina and mentioning "How Does It Feel" @DJHazey! I think "Who Knows" is also a really underrated track from the album.

    I'm now praying that The Best Damn Thing is here somewhere. All this Avril talk has me realizing that's actually my favorite album of hers.
  8. I have no idea why I haven't hunted down more of Bic's work given how much I like the three singles I know - as I mentioned in the last PJOPS:

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  9. My comment in my voting scorecard about the song not being disposable, was a pun on Bic razors.....
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  10. The betrayal! I'm really shook none of her first two albums were on your charts, Hazey, but @Mina gets my love for doing Under My Skin right, even as I faltered. It's a brilliant album with tons of highlights.

    I'd single out My Happy Ending and Nobody's Home as the 10s of the album, but my 11 would go to Fall to Pieces, it's such a lovelorn anthem and I must confess I always make it a point to tell any potential suitors that, should some form of serenade be coming my way, that is the right song for it. It's one of my favorites of all time.
  11. Oh, was that what that was about? I'm only familiar with the pens...
  12. I remember I read a comment that Nobody's Home was about Amy Lee and even at 13 my gullible self questioned that. I wish I knew where I read this (probably YouTube or a lyric website) because it was so farfetched and silly to believe. They weren't even in the same country.

    I love the rest of the singles too although when I finally gave it a full listen a few years ago I didn't find that much new stuff to use.
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  13. I could only pick 10 albums and half couldn't be from queen. It was hard.

  14. Oh, I'd bet money on it.

    Definitely the holy trinity of Under My Skin!

    Scream. I'm sure somewhere, someone made a music video of Amy Lee footage set to "Nobody's Home."
  15. Found one! (it's only 30 seconds - probably truncated)

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  16. Justice for forgotten brat anthem 'I Always Get What I Want'!

    (Which nobody likes except me...)
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  17. I like it! Kind of.

    Ugh I'm so mad I wasn't around for the Avril rate teebs. Can she come out with 2 albums in the next month so we can do a re-rate.
  18. I think she's due for an Xtina-esque Back to Basics double-A side album - side A being a throwback to her first few records, and side B being something more experimental/different (Eurodance? Trip hop? 90s power ballad covers?)
  19. This happened to me with another act.
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  20. #284. David Bowie - Hunky Dory

    4 Points - @Lila


    Year: 1971
    Country: England
    Genre: Glam Rock/Art Rock/Folk Rock
    Label: RCA
    Producers: Ken Scott, David Bowie
    Writer: David Bowie


    (Side One)

    1. Changes
    2. Oh! You Pretty Things

    3. Eight Line Poem
    4. Life On Mars?
    5. Kooks
    6. Quicksand

    (Side Two)

    7. Fill Your Heart
    8. Andy Warhol
    9. Song for Bob Dylan
    10. Queen Bitch
    11. The Bewlay Brothers

    Singles Run

    1. Changes / Andy Warhol
    2. Life on Mars

    Best Chart Position

    #3 (United Kingdom) #57 (United States)



    From Our Voters


    My favourite song: Oh! You Pretty Things
    Most underrated: The Bewlay Brothers
    For beginners: Changes

    David Bowie was the artist who informed how I view music. I always loved music when I was little and I particularly loved pop, but when I first heard Bowie it completely changed my ideas of what someone could do with a song. It’s something that was built on later by other artists, but I owe a lot of my formative notions about music to him and to this album in particular. I used to play it over and over again when I was 9 - I’d sit cross legged in front of the CD player in my room and just listen to it, without any distractions. I was, and still am really, in awe of it as a piece of work because to me it’s still so revolutionary. There are songs on it, particularly Changes and Life on Mars?, that are unassailable parts of the cultural consciousness and so everyone knows them as well as I do, but part of this album’s brilliance is that all these years later I feel like there are things about it I’m still noticing for the first time. Song like Quicksand and The Bewlay Brothers are so dense and intricate and that’s part of what makes it so great since it feels like there’s always something new to find.