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Ultimate Gamejustice (= #378)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. I wouldn't be surprised to see this epic pop up at some point:

  2. RJF


  3. Am I the only one who enjoyed the sword-waggle mechanic? ... When it worked
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  4. I know right, only 100k points on the third ball is dreadful

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  5. Here's a video of the game but the Windows version (same game)

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  6. Also @Animalia if you ever get a job as a bigtime game developer, promise you'll save the Mass Effect franchise. xx
  7. I thought, after I submitted my list, that I'd frustratedly realise there were loads of games that might have been in my top 20 if I'd remembered them.

    The only game I've since thought that about is "WinBrick 2000".

    (Gets lit at 18:48.)
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  8. I feel like everyone said exactly what I felt about Skyward Sword. Why they thought giving us a hub world for a Zelda game would be a good idea is beyond me. Those motion controls. I raged so much at that stupid pirate skeleton because I couldn’t get the damn controls to work correctly. And let’s not forget the game’s need to constantly tell you that you got an amber.
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  9. THE best brick breaker rip off is the neopets minigame where you get those dumb power ups.
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  10. Fffff I love having a hub in Zelda Skyward teebs. I basically made Kakariko and Hateno mine in BotW cause of the great fairy and restocking arrows. And it just felt nice to go there in between adventures.
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  11. I've always known the brick game as Arkanoid. My friend growing up had an actual arcade machine of it in her basement, lucky girl.

    (And all the Mary-Kate and Ashley videos too!)
  12. I played Skyward Sword again last year before BotW came out and it really grew on me- a great game, maybe even a masterpiece. The lack of a real, explorable world really hurts it, however... something about it just doesn't feel very Zelda.

    Anyway, we need an HD remake on Switch.
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  13. I thought Skyward Sword didn't feel very Zelda because there was nothing to explore, but had fantastic dungeons so made up for it; meanwhile, I thought Breath of the Wild didn't feel very Zelda because it lacked dungeons, but made up for it with a dazzling world to explore.

    I'm honestly curious if they can balance those two next go-around.
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  14. It'll be remade on the 3DS and we all know it will.
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  15. don't fucking say this
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  16. I couldn't agree more with this, it's exactly how I feel.
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  17. I have...very mixed thoughts about Skyward Sword. The story and characterisation is easily some of the best in the series, the visuals are gorgeous and there's some genius dungeon design. But the motion controls are a pain in the ass, and the world just...doesn't feel right. It's not just the lack of exploration or connection between each area, the whole thing except Skyloft feels so lonely and desolate, even when it's obviously trying not to be.
  18. Skyward Sword is PHENOMENAL. Once they remake it without the motion controls and updated sky graphics like they did with WW’s ocean, it’s over for the other bitches.
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  19. Is there nothing more euphoric in gaming when your breakout ball gets beyond the outer layer and you can just chill while you watch the carnage going on.

  20. Skyward Sword is definitely my third favourite of the 3D Zelda games (it was second before Breath of the Wild). I loved every minute of it.
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