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Ultimate Gamejustice (= #378)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

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    2004 | Namco | PS2 | Sport

    7 Points: @Squashua


    I don’t do sports but if there was to be one it would be rhythmic gymnastics. If there was a back-up it would be living the dream as a top seed on the tennis circuit touring the world and winning sponsorship deals against my loser basic becky rivals so I can colour-coordinate my racquet to my bag to my skirt (because NO WAY was I playing this and not being the young brazen ingenue of the WTA). That’s exactly what Smash Court Tennis: Endless Naming Buzzwords the Second offered you as a player. Want to spend more time tweaking your hairstyles and blouses? Perfect, because with in-match goals, you only ever have to play a couple of games a match so can quickly get back to the Tennis shop with all your barely-fought prize earnings. Love stats but don’t know any actual tennis players? Amazing, because aside from the Williams sisters neither does the game instead conjuring up a load of mis-mashed sims-esque players with bonkers names (My rival was always the dreaded Vandecaveye – that clay court favouring heaux) for you to leap over in the Rankings as you win yet another competition with a swish of your high ponytail. Seriously though this really had one of the best, most user-friendly career modes in any sports game I’ve ever played, balancing actual play time with the good managerial stuff that actually makes it feel like you’re running your own little schedule of super stardom. Should I hit the hard court challenger series in East Asia because I’ll win easy money or burn myself out but get a new snazzy pink polo shirt if I get to a later stage over in Flushing Meadows? Your girl Zenith Ace will do anything for a new polo binch move out of my strikezone.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I'm not a huge tennis fan but that game sounds lit.
  3. THIS WAS THE BEST. I was so sad when it went away.
  4. That was more justice of an accompaniment than this game deserved honestly.



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    1999 | Bullfrog Productions | PC | Sim

    7 Points: @NecessaryVoodoo


    I thought the inclusion of this was going to be more nostalgia than anything but I replayed through Dungeon Keeper 2 again recently (hence handing my list in the last minute sorry @Animalia!) and it still holds up extremely well. Sure some things have aged like milk, possessing one of your dungeon's inhabitants and wandering around in their skin in first person mode looks downright hideous... but the core gameplay mechanic of creating and running your own dungeon is still irresistible.


    Okay um I hadn't heard of this but it's the Theme Hospital/Park World team making a game about building and maintaining a demonic dungeon, there's combat and shit and @kalonite also tells me it's amazing... but of course it's not available for mac ":("


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Im a Bullfrog games stan anyway and Dungeon Keeper looked like so much fun but the rich, spoilt kid down the road who seemingly had every games console (look forward to hearing about him again in later commentary) would never let me play it because apparently he’d played it too much and I’d “ruin his hellhole” if he let me. Make of that comment what you will... we were pre-teens so keep it PG ya heathens.
  7. I wish you would.
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    1999 | Traveller’s Tales | Various | Platformer

    7 Points: @HeartSwells


    Animalia in loving Disney/Pixar SHOCKER etc. I know, but yas I lived for this game as a kid! Toy Story 2 broke the tradition of terrible sequels to animated movies, and it sure as hell broke the tradition of terrible video game adaptations of animated movies too; I have vivid memories of racing RC around the garage, of avoiding toxic waste in the basement (@Andy's Mom you might wanna check that out sis) and tons of other bits, but oh man I hate looking back at my childhood faves and seeing how ugly they were ddd


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. I'm amazed that you are able to write something along these lines for all the games in this, @Animalia. No one could've done a better job. There could only be one! And it's you, yay!
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  10. yes bitch the amount of times I skipped out on school in 6th grade to play that shit on my PC, yes.
  11. A Traveller's Tales game being eliminated reminds me of this classic:


    This game was SO. MUCH. FUN.
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  12. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    How did I not know about Smash Court tennis!?
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  13. I used to watch my friend play a Dungeon Keeper game, and he was presumably really bad at it because I just remember the demonic narrator voice booming "YOUR CREATURES ARE BECOMING ANGRY" every 5 seconds, YOUR CREATURES ARE BECOMING ANGRY, YOUR CREATURES ARE BECOMING ANGRY, YOUR CREATURES ARE BECOMING ANGRY, YOUR CREATURES ARE BECOMING ANGRY, YOUR CREATURES ARE BECOMING ANGRY until my friend yelled back "OH SHUT THE FUCK UP" and turned the speaker to mute. And then I was angry with him, because I felt we were now having an inauthentic, incomplete dungeon-keeping experience – how will we know whether or not our creatures are becoming angry every 5 seconds from now on? So I tried to turn the speaker back on, and he shouted at me and asked me to leave. Not my fault you're a bad dungeon keeper.

    Did EVERYTHING have a banging Wipeout-ass soundtrack back then? Wow I did not appreciate the 1990s enough as a child.
  14. 2014

    2014 Moderator

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  15. Whew sorry had a busy day enjoying the one week of sun Scotland's gonna get all year, let's go! x

    = #401


    2002 | Illusion Softworks | PC / PS2 / Xbox | Action-Adventure

    7 Points: @Alouder98


    Grand Theft Auto, but make it gritty. This was obviously the first of the highly-regarded Mafia trilogy, and the only one to appear on our list; from what I can see, it basically plays like GTA but with much more of a focus on driving and less on the cold-blooded slaughter of innocent civilians.


    I have no idea if this is from the first game but google is being WILDLY unhelpful with this one ddd

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. LiK


    I invested way too much time playing the Tournament mode as a kid. I actually forgot about this, one of my fave PS1 games.
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  17. LiK


    Had this game on PS2 I think I gave up half way through because the aiming was so bad. I had to like play a mission a few times to memorize what's gonna happen so I could finally beat it lol.
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    2002 | Ensemble Studios | PC | Strategy

    7 Points: @beyoncésweave


    This game is iconic and @beyoncésweave is iconic for voting for it omg. I went through a phase of being obsessed with Greek mythology as a kid and I absolutely blame this game; I mean yeah I know you can play as Norse and Egyptian (and Atlantean in the expansion but… like… hew?) too and in hindsight their gods&monsters.mp3 are equally interesting but I was a basic gay who loved Hercules okay gimme a break.

    Anyway, Age of Mythology is one of those city-builder-but-oh-no-not-really-everything-you-can-do-and-build-is-just-there-to-facilitate-war fantasy games with a heavy focus on the deities of whichever civilisation you choose to play as. At certain resource milestones you can pick between two gods which offer unique research opportunities/mythological creatures and a special one-time-use power; choosing Athena as the Greeks boosts your armoured units’ defence and grants you Minotaur, Cate Blanchett Hel offers the Norse dragons and elemental giants, etc. It’s just a really interesting twist on the Age of Empires era mechanic which keeps every game fresh and new, as long as you can resist just picking the females every time. So… no.

    Also in the expansion you could resurrect massive titans and have them fight it out rock ‘em sock ‘em robots style, which was… certainly something.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. [​IMG]

    You blame the game all you want but hundreds of pages in the Disney Classic rate where you took pot-shots at me any chance you could for my Hercules scores, tell me otherwise. xx
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