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Ultimate K-PopJustice Albums [#1 Revealed & I'm Done]

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Agh, I feel like a traitor but I do go back to Reboot more than Absolute. Though Absolute gets points for being a fucking debut, what a masterpiece of a debut. It cemented their style, which was every style, but with a very particular take. It bears repeating but T-ARA are a very capable group vocally, and then Snake turned into a great rapper in her most venomous years.

    Reboot is the work of women who wanted to be there and did amazingly, embracing their talent and good taste. I basically love all the album except Oppa. They looked and sounded so fucking amazing, it was ridiculous how well the concept was executed; sound and image were perfection. I'm mortified at the sales, though, really?! I thought it had been a hit, no wonder I can't find a physical.

    Let's not forget this.

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    Maknae, amazing rate, thank you for your time and hard work. I loved it.
  3. Thank you @Alouder98 for the wonderful (hehe) rate. Reboot truly deserves that top spot.

    Even if I didn't vote for it

    Only because I knew I didn't need to.
  4. You've made a typo. Flawless rate otherwise and a truly deserving winner. Candle and One Black Night are my favorites from REBOOT, sad they disbanded shortly after.
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  5. The love for Like The First Time and One Black Night warms my heart.
    Amazing job @Alouder98, I can’t believe we’re already done!
  6. @Alouder98 great job running this rate.

    So many albums to discover. I'm going to give at least the top 10 a listen.
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  7. YAAAASSS sis thank you for doing such a good job @Alouder98.
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