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Ultimate Popjustice: WINNER REVEALED!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Number, Aug 16, 2016.


    Points received: 87 (@Daniel!, #4 / @VivaForever, #6 / @Jacques, #9 / @CorgiCorgiCorgi, #14 / @strangekin, #14)
    Released: 1985
    Artist appearance: 8 / 8​

    Given Kate’s strong performance across the countdown, it’s perhaps surprising to see ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’ fall just before the top 10. It was released as the lead single to Bush’s fifth studio album, Hounds of Love, despite hesitation from her record label because of potential religious resistance. After years of mixed commercial returns, it placed Kate firmly back into the public conscious and became her biggest hit since spellbinding debut ‘Wuthering Heights’, back in 1987. ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’ helped cement Bush’s legacy as a leftfield pop genius and reinvigorated her fan base; parent album Hounds of Love became her most successful to date. The single ascended to the top 10 in most major markets, including Australia, France and Germany. In the United Kingdom, it originally peaked at #3. After its core inclusion in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, a new mix peaked at #6 on the UK Singles Chart. Additionally, it peaked at #30 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking the highest position across her career. It was the first song written for the album. Kate pushed for its release as she believed it embodied the soul of the record, the most representative.

    “It is very much about the power of love,” she mused, “and the strength that is created between two people when they're very much in love, but the strength can also be threatening, violent, dangerous as well as gentle, soothing, loving. And it's saying that if these two people could swap places - if the man could become the woman and the woman the man, that perhaps they could understand the feelings of that other person in a truer way, understanding them from that gender's point of view, and that perhaps there are very subtle differences between the sexes that can cause problems in a relationship, especially when people really do care about each other.”

    The way Kate’s voice coos through the misty yet propulsive sonic landscape is spellbinding, and that crescendo of a middle eight followed by the almost chaotic set of choruses near the end is sheer brilliance.

    My first encounter with Kate Bush was Sat in Your Lap from my parents' 45 collection when I was young, but by my teens I'd practically forgotten her until my dad got me this '80s comp with Running Up That Hill (as well as Walking on Sunshine and Mickey!), which I totally loved. I tried to get into the rest of her material, and certainly there's a lot that I love (especially off Hounds of Love and The Red Shoes), but I don't think any of it matches up to this.

    And though the lyrics are meant to be about genderfucking, they're vague enough that they're applicable to so many situations - I came back to the song a lot during my past relationship as my ex and I were dealing with the huge differences between us, due in large part to our differences in economic class and consequently our upbringings. But I always remember the last night I spent in the house where I grew up, before my dad (by then straight-up emotionally abusive) and I had to move out because he'd sold it despite my strong emotional need to remain there, I went outside and ran around the yard, as I had almost every day after getting home from school to let off steam, and most Saturdays and Sundays as well, and listened to three songs in particular. I don't remember what the other two were, but I definitely remember the last was the Olympics version of RUTH ("who's Ruth?" @Deborux), because I wanted it to be the last song I did that with.

    Picking two Kate songs was hard. My Mum always listened to Aerial growing up, but I never discovered this until 2010 or so. It's one of those songs everyone wishes they had written. Words can't describe this, but I'm certain others will have written about this one, summing up everything I could ever want to about it.

    A masterpiece, through and through. I have songs higher up on my list because I have more of an emotional attachment to them, but this is one of the most expertly-crafted pop songs of all time.

    Kate Bush is a fucking genius. What more is there to say?
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  2. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I feel like @strangekin has given points to all these last few songs that have gone; king of taste!
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  3. I'm 102 songs into making a Spotify playlist of the entire collection, so feel free to... well, stop making one if you already started. Smiley face.

    EDIT: I'm up to the I's in alphabetical order!
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  4. I was worried that the stark reminder of @CorgiCorgiCorgi's Sam Smith inclusion might've sent the thread off the deep end again. Happy for y'all to prove me wrong.
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    Points received: 89 (@Lost In Japan., #3 / @K94, #4 / @AlmightyAloud, #5 / @Jacques, #14 / @LPMA, #20)
    Released: 2003
    Artist appearance: 8 / 8​

    The last song to fall before the top 10 – by a single point, no less – is the explosive, exuberant ‘Crazy In Love’ from Beyoncé. It was released as the lead single from solo debut Dangerously In Love and, of course, set in motion the steps towards untouchable superstardom for the songstress. It ruled the airwaves in 2003 on both sides of the Atlantic; I’d say this is a textbook example of a perfect lead single, positioning Beyoncé’s talent perfectly against the cool retro horn blasts, which sample ‘I Like Your Lovin' (Do You Like Mine?)’ by 70s soul band The Chi-Lites. It spent eight weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and became one of the most successful singles of the year, sliding into fourth place on their year-end countdown. It ended up at #40 on the decade-end charts. In the United Kingdom, it stayed at #1 for three weeks and was later declared the fifteenth most successful single for the year. Globally, it reached the top 5 in countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The song was actually a late inclusion on the album – the album was penned for release in October 2002 but delayed to allow her record label to capitalise on the surprise success of Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dilemma’. She worked with producer Rich Harrison to create the track; he turned up to the studio late, and hungover, but still managed to create magic. Jay’s verse was added later down the line – the night before the album’s hand-in, allegedly.

    "I remember when I first did the beat with the sample," Harrison said, "I played it for a lot of my buddies, as I normally do, and they couldn't dig it. But that's when I knew I had something special. Sometimes people need to hear the whole record. I had it in the chamber, I hadn't really shopped it much because sometimes you don't want to come out of the bag before it's right. People don't really get it and you'll leave them with a foul taste in their mouth. So it was just something that I held on to until I got the call from B."

    "From her face, she was kind of like, ’I don't know, but I'mma ride with you anyway,'” he recalled. "I knew I was going to have to sell it a little bit, because when it comes on it doesn't sound like anything that was being done at the time." She warmed to the it, however. "’I love the idea,’ she said. ’Now write the song. I'll be back in two hours.’"

    Lost In Japan.:
    Picture the scene: it’s maybe 1, half 1 am, you’re about five double vodka lemonades down and the DJ is playing ‘We Found Love’. You’re drunk enough to get your life a bit, but it’s not what you really want. The music tonight has been alright, you might have heard ‘Dirrty’ if you’re lucky, you’ve certainly heard at least four house-inspired songs with no lyrics. And then, just as you’re thinking it might be time to go home early… those horns. “Yes. So crazy right now.” You grab your friends. You strut your way into the middle of the crowd on the dancefloor. “You ready?” Of course. Nothing makes me feel joy like the opening to this song on a night out. They might cut it off before Jay’s rap and that’s a whole other story, but as a song it is literally perfection. Long before Beyoncé had proven herself as a fave of mine (even in that time I thought she was overrated), this song has been a staple on my most played, on every pre-drinks playlist and that well-intended gym playlist I made one time. It is perfectly crafted, perfectly delivered.

    The dance routine everyone knows. BAND - 1,2,3,4. The live version is incredible, there's a reason she's not changed it up in over 10 years. Anyone would wish for a debut single like this.
  6. K94


    I love iconic, seminal, classic, timeless, intro-not-even-giving-you-time-to-secure-your-wig, talent.
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  7. BML


    I'm so shook that one of my choices made the top ten.
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  8. Me too me too! Unless I missed it...maybe I missed it? Hope I didn't miss it, this is wildly exciting! So glad you're back in business @Number xoxo
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  9. [​IMG]
    #11 - 20
    ABBA - The Winner Takes It All (Markus1981, Mvnl, Rogue & SuperNerd)
    Ace of Base - The Sign (iheartpoptarts, Markus1981 & WowWowWowWow)
    Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (KamikazeHeart, Rogue, Sprockrooster & strangekin)
    Ben E. King - Stand By Me (2014, citoig, CorgiCorgiCorgi & phoenix123)
    Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (AlmightyAloud, Jacques, K94, Lost In Japan. & LPMA)
    Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me Now (AlmightyAloud, Robsolete & VivaForever)
    Cher - Believe (Robsolete, Rogue, that boy is a monster & VivaForever)
    Janet Jackson - Together Again (2014, Pat, Robsolete & strangekin)
    Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) (CorgiCorgiCorgi, Daniel!, Jacques, strangekin & VivaForever)
    Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (Jacques, Jwentz, K94 & that boy is a monster)
    Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Jonathan27, Jwentz, Lost In Japan., Robsolete & SuperNerd)​
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  10. I swear if Madonna doesn't win this I'm burning this place down.
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  11. Crazy In Love, Dirrrty and Like I Love You classic early noughties trilogy - they were guaranteed to get me grinding in da club.
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  12. So who has made the top 10, you ask?

    And more importantly, with what?

    Who will you be praying for?

    And who needs to make a swift exit?

    The time has come...

    to reveal...

    the last remaining songs...


    the following...



    (actual big spoiler of all remaining songs below)
    now fight [​IMG]
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  13. I love every single one of those songs. Well done everyone!
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  14. But if we're 'fighting'... the ones I'd like to see miss the Top 5:

    Like a Prayer
    Dancing On my Own

    aka the actual Top 5.
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  15. The real question is obviously where Run Away With Me would slot into things.
  16. I think Albumjustice answered that question.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Wow, that was a bigger spoiler than I anticipated..
    but rooting for Biology, Like A Prayer or Baby One More Time. Okay, I suppose I'll take Bad Romance too. Popsongs don't get much more Ultimate.
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  18. Somewhere behind Warm Blood one would hope.
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  19. Maybe not mention the songs unless you spoiler them too?
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