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Ultimate Popjustice: WINNER REVEALED!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Number, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Very good point, I wasn't thinking, thanks!
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  2. I'm quite surprised that

    Just Dance

    didn't make the list at all!
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  3. I maintain it's a damn good song and he still hasn't topped it.
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  4. He's never topped anything!
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  5. Only on Popjustice would Crazy, Enchanted, and Say It Right be named among the top ten songs of all time.

    In fairness, only on Popjustice would Some Girls be named among the top ten songs of all time, but it's more deserving.

    Not that I don't like Crazy or Enchanted, but they're both incredibly overhyped on here - as are Biology and Like a Prayer, but that's hardly a Popjustice-only phenomenon.

    Would never have thought my namesake would make it. *wipes tear* You've done well, little one.

    Baby is obviously going to win it because Britney Effect, and also because God hates me.


    Also, aside from the Sam Smith issue, @CorgiCorgiCorgi's list is actually excellent, so four for you Glen CoCorgi, you go Glen CoCorgi.
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  6. BML


    I can't decide if I want to click on any spoilers...It's been so long, I might as well wait for the reveals.
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  7. Eighty-four years!
  8. I just looked at the remaining songs, and one of them is making me so happy.
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  9. "...Baby One More Time" should go far if only because it's one of the greatest songs ever. I'd actually put it in a class with the likes of Ronettes' "Be My Baby," the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" and Madonna's "Like a Prayer" to be the echelon of marvelous pop. In fact, the other day I discovered that "...Baby One More Time" actually is 3:31, just one tiny second over the perfect length for a pop song. Insane. This song knows what it's doing.
  10. I cannot believe I have two songs in this still.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Rachel & Taylor
    can go quite swiftly and then that top 8 - whew! The song I voted for would be such a perfect winner, if unexpected.
  12. I had never heard one of the top 10 so just checked it out and it seems a little plodding and boring TBH
    but no shade I bow down to Popjustice and I'm sure that I will see the light eventually...maybe?

    Another song super surprised me at its inclusion although I have to admit I've always low-key loved it against my better judgement.
    (You Drive Me) Crazy

    And this would have surprised me if I wasn't adept at reading the temperature of this forum over the years. Kinda like it and for sure love that it's in the mix.
    Some Girls

    In any event none of these can touch my remaining song with a ten-foot pole. Why did I tempt fate and write that? I'm sure it will be out next now!
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  13. [​IMG]

    This made me scream. When it's right, it's right.
  14. That is a PERFECT collection of songs. I have to admit that
    is a bit of a surprise but I do remember it being popular in the relevant producer rate? I had completely forgotten about
    because it wasn't one of my two choices by that particular artist, but of course it's here. Six of these are mine but I would be happy with any outcome really.
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    Points received: 90 (@Laura Vanderbooben, #2 / @AlmightyAloud, #3 / @BML, #5 / @Fire, #10)
    Released: 1999
    Artist appearance: 16 / 17​

    Sneaking into the top 10 with the first of two entries is the legendary Ms. Britney Spears, with ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’, leaving nine artists with one song to duke it out for the top spot. It can be found on debut album ...Baby One More Time. The most popular version, commercially released as the third single, is The Stop! Remix. It was originally remixed for its inclusion on the soundtrack of 90s Melissa Joan Hart romantic comedy Drive Me Crazy, initially entitled Next to You, by the masterminds behind ‘... Baby One More Time’, Max Martin and Rami. In May 1999, Martin and Spears went to the Battery Studios in New York City to re-record the vocals of the track, one year after the original take. The remix builds on the strong foundations of the album version but adds a sprinkling of Max Martin magic, adding a touch of dynamism to the production and, of course, the iconic ‘STOP!’ breakdown. It carried the strong commercial performance of the ... Baby One More Time era through and earned her a second top 10 hit in the United States, an uptick from the #21 peak for previous single ‘Sometimes’. In the United Kingdom, it became her third consecutive top five entry, and similarly went top five in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand.

    The music video – starring Britney as a waitress, her idea – was premiered after its own special for MTV’s Making The Video, the second episode of the show. Britney expected the slick, highly choreographed routine to “take her to the next level,” with its inclusion of a chair dance sequence referencing Janet Jackson's ‘Miss You Much.’ On August 24, 1999, the music video debuted at #4 on Total Request Live. It remains longest running music video by a female artist on the TRL countdown, staying in the top ten for 73 days. The video was nominated for Best Dance Video at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.

    “The concept of the video is all my idea," she noted. "It would be cool to be in a club, and we're dorky waitresses, and we break out and start dancing. It's an uptempo song," she added. "Kinda like '...Baby One More Time,' same feel a little. A bit of rock in it." The music video was directed by Nigel Dick, who also directed the video to ‘... Baby One More Time.’

    "Britney came to the set completely rehearsed. Certainly whenever I worked with her, she had an extraordinary work ethic, which I was always impressed by,” he added.

    Laura Vanderbooben:
    Hilariously enough, despite all modern-day pop music being banned in my house growing up, my mom is a dancer. She took on staging a local high school show when I was a tween, and brought home a TAPE with this song on it (it was one of the numbers in the show). I remember crouching on the stairs just out of sight as she choreographed this, which involved listening to this over and over. I had never, ever heard music like this. I had heard of Britney Spears but was in Maximum Religious Bubble at that point, so there was no way I’d heard any of her songs yet.

    Every time I was home alone, I would sneak down and listen to this song about thirty times in a row. I memorized it to the point that I could play it in my head on command. I dreamt it in full, once. It was my first pop song.

    The zenith of late 90s/early 2000s teen pop. It truly doesn't get better than this. The "STOP!!!!!!" was my favorite thing ever as a kid.

    One of the catchiest fun songs of all time. (I feel like I’m saying this a lot in my commentary but it is the reason why a fair few of these songs made my list). Love everything about it. Others may disagree but it’s like they took …Baby One More Time and managed to improve on its perfection.
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  16. Oh my god, we're in the top 10! This is so exciting.
    I recently "rediscovered" Crazy (as in: I've been listening to it a whole lot and appreciating it more than ever) and it truly deserves to be in the top 10.
  17. I remember speculating on the remaining non-'...Baby' Britney song, and I'm so glad we went as bubblegum as we possibly could've. I didn't think we would!
  18. Well kids, I did it. Here is your Ultimate Popjustice Spotify playlist.

    There were a few songs that I could not find, even searching for tracks outside of the USA, and I listed those in the description. Please alert me if you know of their existence somewhere on Spotify!
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  19. Also I should mention that it contains all of the songs on the list, even the ones that haven't been officially revealed yet (but that @Number put in a spoiler a few posts back).