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Ultimate Popjustice: WINNER REVEALED!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Number, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Yay, I have a track in the top 10!
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  2. What a stunner, thank you so much for your hard work! I hope the good members of Popjustice appreciate our impeccable taste as immortalised by the playlist. I pray Amber picks up a few more streams in your name.
  3. Amazing amazing amazing. I mean, I already knew that because we have matches, but still!

    And you too!
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  4. Whew Rachel Stevens. I love talent

    Points received: 92 (@Jonathan27, #1 / @MollieSwift21, #5 / @Beginner, #6 / @SuperNerd, #6)
    Released: 2010
    Artist appearance: 5 / 5​

    Our next artist to depart the countdown is Taylor Swift, who ends her impressive run of five entries – pre-1989 and admittedly propped up by our resident bumpkins – with the swirling fantasy of 'Enchanted', which holds the honour of highest-ranked album track. It is housed on third studio album Speak Now and originally was intended as the title track; Taylor was talked out of the decision when it was justified that the album was, in fact, about growing out of the fairytales and through adolescence. Despite not being released as a single it did, nonetheless, reach #75 in the United States and #95 in Canada on the strength of Taylor's album release week. The song's subject is actually Owl City's Adam Young, which I was in merry ignorance about until this moment. Does this take away from the song? I'm not going to say yes, but I'm not going to say no. Adam Young, Taylor, sis...

    "I wrote "Enchanted" about a guy who I was enchanted to meet, obviously," she astutely observed. "He was somebody that I had talked to a couple of times on email, and then I was in New York and went to meet him. I remember just the whole way home thinking, 'I hope he's not in love with somebody.' It was just wonderful, that feeling. Like, 'Oh my gosh. Who's he with? Does he like me? Does he like somebody else? What does it mean?' I got home and he had emailed me and said something like, 'Sorry I was so quiet. I was just wonderstruck meeting you.' And so I incorporated the word wonderstruck, into the song as a, 'Hey this one's sorta for you.'"

    "I started writing that in the hotel room when I got back. Because it just was this positive, wistful feeling of: 'I hope you understand just how much I loved meeting you. I hope that you know that meeting you was not something that I took lightly, or just in passing.' And I think my favorite part of that song is the part where, in the bridge, it goes to sort of a stream of consciousness of 'Please don't be in love with someone else/Please don't have somebody waiting on you.' Because at that moment, that's exactly what my thoughts were. And it feels good to write exactly what your thoughts were in a certain moment."

    Enchanted has always felt like more than a song to me; it feels like an outpouring, a declaration. It is sprawling and beautiful and arresting, honest and earnest. It captures a lot of different emotions in its nearly six minutes, but what has always struck me is the thrilling desperation of it. It is the sensation of wanting to say a million different things but knowing that you won't quite get the words out the way you want. Enchanted sounds like a fairytale; a simple guitar strum opens to drums that drive into the chorus, a monolith of sound. It is a very mystical, climactic, princess swept off of her feet sort of song in theory. But it isn't about that. It isn't about finding the one or carriages into the sunset. Enchanted is going home alone. It's insomnia, sweaty palms, music turned up loud so you stop thinking and just feel. It's over thinking and yearning and it's holding on too tight to something that isn't yours and may never be. The chorus says it all: "I'll spend forever wondering if you knew". It is a deeply personal song in the sense that all of it exists inside of the narrator. The song unravels into a list of impossible desires and then the drums drop out with the vocals coming in as a whisper: "please don't be in love with someone else". It's the last obstacle, the one thing that holds her back. You belong with me, so don't tell me I can't have you. That she withholds the question, that it is prefaced with "these are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon" sheds reality on it. There is no closure; it's all questioning. Open-ended experiences tend to be the ones that haunt us the most. As people, we have a desire to closure, for complete resolution. We try and make sense of our experiences and when we can't it drives us mad. Sometimes the thought of someone is so much greater than actually having them. Enchanted is about brevity of fairytales; you can exist within them for a moment, but they never truly last.

    The songs captures that moment of meeting someone for the first time that just clicks, and then all then all the thoughts about them afterwards. The dream like synth that plays in the background gives it a whimsical fairytale feel to it as all the daydream thoughts pass through your mind. This was enough for me to think it was incredible but then the bridge is explosive and just makes you feel like your floating on cloud-nine. The "please don't be in love with someone else" seals the deal and is one of her best moments. This song embodies really everything that makes Taylor so special. I await Jonathan write-up for it which is sure to be better than this!

    I love that this follows Never Grow Up in the Speak Now tracklisting. That song is about being scared to let go of everything that keeps you comfortable. This song, Taylor finds the strength to put herself out there and is rewarded with a magical night.

    Too many times I've also been walking home where exactly I was going to go from there. It's a wonderful feeling and I'm glad Taylor captured it in song.

    A song about being swept off your feet by somebody, which surely literally every human being can relate to.
  6. Yas Reignchel Slayvens.
  7. Iconic.
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  8. I’d probably slot Sober at #1 these days but Enchanted is still that song and enough to at least keep me perched for the now problematic sis on a musical level.
  9. 'Enchanted' is top five Taylor for me and even if I do have a few songs that rank above it I'm very glad it made it to such a high ranking on Ultimate PJ - as one of the Taylor songs that both bumpkins and post-1989 fans can accept as outstanding, it's one of the most crucial in her discography. That "please don't be in love with someone else" is one of the best things she has ever recorded.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Talent
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  12. I do wonder how Taylor would poll today. Enchanted seems to have fallen down the ranks a little amongst fans; I think State of Grace would make a great showing, alongside Blank Space and possibly Style, though the forum seems to have cooled on the latter over time.
  13. I'd probably put 'This Love' in mine.
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  14. I think Clean might've risen up as my favourite from 1989. Lives up the to the title, a purifying listen. I'll throw Clean some imaginary points.
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  15. Definitely would have "I Know Places" on a short list today.
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  16. Y'know I've been looking for that gif of Michelle Williams shouting with a coffee cup all afternoon and I just can't find it. More famous Michelle Williams is a plague on image search.

    This doesn't have any bearing on the countdown but just a little insight into my life. Plus new page~~