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Ultravox UK Singles Rate 1977-1987 (ULTRAVOX NUMBER 1 REVEALED)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. And once again 2 tracks cannot be separated so at 5= it's
    Score 57 Average 8.14 Highest Score 10 (TrendyMuller Remorque) Lowest Score 5.5 (Auntie Beryl)
    This is one of the few singles I bought first hand. Love it now as I did back then.
    Comments Include
    "The brooding synths between the verses are excellent!" (Hairycub1969)
    "I´m out of superlatives! I wonder why this was never used as a bank- or car commercial until today. Not that I want to give anyone any ideas..." (TrendyMuller)
    "Unremarkable. Some way from a miracle. Bland." (Auntie Beryl)
    So Like A Miracle is 5=

    Scores 10 TrendyMuller Remorque 9 Simes1970 8 Nnnumb 7.5 Eric Generic 7 Hairycub1969 5,5 Auntie Beryl
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  2. Oh good. Europe After The Rain's still in there.

    I can't wait for the Midge Ure section.
  3. Next up a track from the same LP.
    Score 57 Average 8.14 Highest Score 10 (TrendyMuller) Lowest Score 7 (Nnnumb Simes1970)
    I like the minimalist synths build on this.
    Comments Include
    "Very OMD, who themselves owed a lot to Foxx-era Ultravox as well as Bowie and Numan and Kraftwerk. Hadn’t heard this before this rate, and I’m surprised at how mainstream it is – not a criticism, it’s a fine record." (Auntie Beryl)
    This is just so beautiful. The whole Golden Section album must be one of the most criminally overlooked milestones of the 1980s. Why anybody would want to listen to Spandau Ballet, when there was this beauty to be treasured?!?" (TrendyMuller)
    "A great sophisticated synth ballad. Love the wailing backing vocals!" (Hairycub1969)
    Your Dress is 5=

    Scores 10 TrendyMuller 9 Hairycub1969 8.5 Auntie Beryl 8 Eric Generic 7.5 Remorque 7 Simes1970 Nnnumb
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  4. A lot of the solo Foxx singles are 7.5s to 8s for me. With one shining exception.
  5. It's time for the Top 3 John Foxx tracks and it includes the highest score over the 3 rates. So at No3 it's
    Score 61 Average 8.71 Highest Score 10 (TrendyMuller) 5.5 (Auntie Beryl)
    This was one of those tracks that I had to listen to a few times to get my scoring correct. First listen didn't think much of it but by 3rd/4th it really is an amazing piece of music and a great remix.
    Comments Include
    "A more mature synth pop sound – with a great chorus that’s so catchy. This should have been a massive hit in summer 1983 – my retrochart will put this right!" (Hairycub1969)
    "This is how you did a powerful remix in the early 1980s. It strips away the mushy elements of the original version and goes straight on the floor. Pure magic!" (TrendyMuller)
    Endlessly Remix is at No3.

    Scores 10 TrendyMuller Eric Generic 9 Simes1970, Hairycub1969, Nnnumb 8.5 Remorque 5.5 Auntie Beryl.
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  6. Just falling short of top slot is
    Score 65 Average 9.38 Highest Score 12 (Nnnumb) Lowest Score 6 (Remorque)
    Another great track this the icy electronics make it.
    Comments Include
    "More songs should be named after Max Ernst paintings. Pop would be a much better place. I just love the breezy, sun-drenched sound and -again- the great bassline." (TrendyMuller)
    "Perfect! This brings back very good memories of driving through the bleaker parts of London as a child with this on in the car." (Nnnumb)
    " My favourite John foxx single. It was a total change of musical direction and sounded so different to anything else in the chart at the time. A big pop injustice that it only made number 40 in the UK charts!" (Hairycub1969)
    "Pretty, and a shift in direction. One can only imagine what a voice like Scott Walker might have done with this, or even Marc Almond." (Auntie Beryl)
    So at no2 It's Europe After The Rain.

    Scores 12 Nnnumb 11 Hairycub1969 TrendyMuller 9 Simes1970 Eric Genric 7 Auntie Beryl 6 Remorque.
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  7. Now I have forgotten a track so this would actually be No3 on it's own pushing everything else down one place
    Score 63.5 Average 9.07 Highest Score 11 (Auntie Beryl) Lowest Score 6 (Hairycub1969)
    Once again a superb piece of synth pop.
    Comments Include
    "Actually, this comes close to the 12, as it’s another highlight of the Metamatic album (which I got into as it was one of the few albums in Harpenden Library on vinyl in the mid 80s. We made our own fun in those days before Spotify)." (Auntie Beryl)
    "Can I live in this video?! That bass-line is so amazing! Why wasn´t this man an international superstar? I have the double 7” and it´s chock full of genius. This City, Glimmer, and the haunting Mr. No" (TrendyMuller)
    "Brrr! those synths couldn’t get any colder could they?" (Hairycub1969)
    So actually at No3 it's No One Driving

    Scores 11 Auntie Beryl 10 TrendyMuller 9.5 Eric Generic, Nnnumb, Remorque 8 Simes1970 6 Hairycub1969.
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  8. Finally we reach the summit and the track with the highest score over the entire rate.
    Score 76 Average 10.85 Highest Score 12 (Simes1970, TrendyMuller, Auntie Beryl) Lowest Score 9 (Eric Generic)
    Just superb.
    Comments Include
    "Still sounds futuristic to me." (Nnnumb)
    "Absolutely brilliant. It sounds like January 1980 but also still sounds like the future. Click clock bong “Underpants”!" (Hairycub1969)
    "In the unofficial Top 10 of electronic music this is definitely in the Top 3.
    How he managed to produce such a dense, rich soundscape with his limited gear is really amazing. Compare that video to everything that Ultravox did and see how it´s done!
    Click! Click! Drone!" (TrendyMuller)
    "UNDERPANTS! (sorry). Deservedly a hit, this is amazing in many ways. I daresay it gave Gary Numan a few sleepless nights. Utterly wonderful" (Auntie Beryl)
    So your John Foxx No1 is Underpass

    Scores 12 TrendyMuller, Auntie Beryl, Simes1970 11 Nnnumb 10 Hairycub1969 Remorque 9 Eric Generic.
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  9. Starting tomorrow it's Midge Ure solo under the spotlight. What I can say is a late set of results has changed the No1.
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  10. My 9 for Underpants was the lowest. Wow.
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  12. Lets now change gear and the Midge Ure Solo Rate. It will come as no surprise there are some very low scoring tracks on this one. So let's open at number 10 and there certainly is no hope for this one.
    Score 26.5 Average 3.78 Highest Score 6.5 (Eric Generic Remorque) Lowest Score 0.5 (Nnnumb)
    Not his finest hour.
    Comments Include
    "Treading into Peter Gabriel with this single – but still quite good!" (Hairycub1969)
    "I don't know if I'm allowed to give zeroes out so I'll be generous and give this a half point. It doesn't deserve it." (Nnnumb)
    "From now on only the Germans liked him." (Auntie Beryl)
    "So before I clicked play on the last video, I stopped for a second and asked myself what I was going to expect from this. As far as I know he had no song with a childrens choir and so I feared for the worst.
    Well, guess my surprise...at least its a gospel choir. One gospel point!" (TrendyMuller)
    I See Hope In The Morning Light comes last at number 10.

    Scores 6.5 Eric Generic, Remorque 6 Hairycub1969 3 Simes1970 2 TrendyMuller Auntie Beryl 0.5 Nnnumb.
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  13. At number 9 it's a lyrical letter to someone important.
    Score 33.5 Average Score 4.78 Highest Score 8 (Remorque) Lowest Score 0.5 (Nnnumb)
    I liked this at the time but looking back it's too preachy.I have given it a higher score than I should have.
    Comments Include
    "Somehow I knew this would be horrible before listening to it. Turns out that it´s not as bad as I was expecting it to be. But don´t take it as a praise. Every nice word I´m trying to type is immediately contradicted by those horrible videos. He was really such a shit popstar." (TrendyMuller)
    "Dear God, please make this stop!" (Nnnumb)
    "I was hoping this might be a cover of XTC’s “Dear God” no such luck!" (Hairycub 1969)
    "Whilst I approve of the lyric, this could be fucking Deacon Blue or something. And not when they were decent. Dumper!" (Auntie Beryl)
    So Dear God leaves the rate at Number 9.

    Scores 8 Remorque 7 Eric Generic 6 Simes1970 5 Hairycub1969 4 Auntie Beryl 3 TrendyMuller 0.5 Nnnumb.
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  14. I would like to add that that I gave out a couple of good marks for the Midge rate. Those first two though... Midge Urgh indeed.
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  15. "From now on only the Germans liked him." ( @Auntie Beryl )
    Ha! And here I am -possibly the only German in the rate- hating him the most! Well...at the moment @nnnumb is far more brutal than me.

    I´m on business travel right now, but I wanted to add a little something regarding John Foxx. I didn´t his countdown to be over so soon. So I have no time right now, I should keep my wisdom until the end of the rate, as I don´t want to rain on Midge´s parade (he was far better at it himself!).
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  17. I may end up the biggest Ure fan amongst us.
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  18. No worries. I only remember that If I Was was a huge hit in Germany. But he really lends himself to be big in Germany. Ve adore Hasselhoff über alles atfer all!
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  19. Time for the next two leaving the rate. It's seems you were rather cold towards the No8.
    Score 34.5 Average Score 4.92 Highest Score 8 (Hairycub1969) Lowest Score 0.5 (Nnnumb)
    I have always had a soft spot for this one. Catchy to the point of annoyance. Once heard it stays in the head for ages.
    Comments Include
    "Great tune and a great video too!" (Hairycub1969)
    "Oh god, I had absolutely erased this from my memory. Funny how this works with traumatic experiences and shitty pop songs. This is the epitome for everything that was wrong with the mid 1980s." (TrendyMuller)
    "Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse and he'd start to climb out of the gigantic rut he'd been digging himself Midge decides to release this." (Nnnumb)
    " Dear reader, by this point I was 18 and so embarrassed by my younger self. And also by how shit Midge was now. Big Country B-side." (Auntie Beryl)
    So Number 8 is Cold Cold Heart

    Scores 8 Hairycub1969 7 Simes1970 Eric Generic , 6.5 Remorque 4.5 Auntie Beryl 1 TrendyMuller 0.5 Nnnumb.
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