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Ultravox UK Singles Rate 1977-1987 (ULTRAVOX NUMBER 1 REVEALED)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Looking next for answers is number 7
    Score 37.5 Average Score 5.35 Highest Score 8.5 (Eric Generic) Lowest Score 2 (Nnnumb)
    Liked this a lot more at the time. Now it is OK but nothing great.
    Comments Include
    ""Whilst I approve of the lyric, this could be fucking Deacon Blue or something. And not when they were decent." (Auntie Beryl) (Just slightly different from the comment on Dear God)
    "I listened to this and forgot everything about it in a second. Oh, this is the one with the pseudo funky drummer break. One point for the drums." (TrendyMuller)
    "Seems to be lacking a chorus." (Nnnumb)
    "Another average effort – sorry not my cup of tea" (Hairycub1969)
    So Answers To Nothing is next to fall at no 7.

    Scores 8.5 Eric Generic 8 Remorque 6 Simes1970 5 Hairycub1969 4 Auntie Beryl, TrendyMuller 2 Nnnumb.
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  2. It was 1991....hehe.
  3. Oh was it!?!
    It must have all been a blur to me. Since Live Aid music had never been the same.
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  4. I think if Answers To Nothing had been released in 1986 as an Ultravox record, instead of the rubbish they came up with, it might have been a decent sized hit.
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  5. Eric! Naughty step now!
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  6. I meant instead of the junk they put out on U-Vox....
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  7. Early nineties solo Midge Ure or U-Vox era Ultravox. The very definition of Hobson's Choice.

    I must admit though that I've nothing personal against Midge. I just detest social conscience pop.
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  8. I can't interest you in a pile of Sting CDs, then?
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  9. Only if they're in responsibly sourced, eco friendly packaging.
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  10. Time for no6 and you may or may not be smiling.
    Score 39.5 Average Score 5.64 Highest Score 8.5 (Remorque) Lowest Score 4 (TrendyMuller, Nnnumb)
    For me all I can say is average.
    Comments Include
    "Average stuff" (Hairycub1969)
    "Forgettable" (Nnnumb)
    "This sounds like he wanted the instrumental parts be played by bagpipes. Would that make it better?" (TrendyMuller)
    " IT’S STARTED. Midge solo, without the band, indulged his basest bland fantasies. It would get worse but I couldn’t buy into this. Aimed at the Radio 2 housewife and even though I’m now old, this means little to me." (Auntie Beryl)
    So That Certain Smile says bye at number 6

    Scores 8.5 Remorque 7.5 Eric Generic 6 Simes1970 5 Hairycub1969 4.5 Auntie Beryl 4 TrendyMuller, Nnnumb
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  11. So without wasting any more time at no 5 it's
    Score 40.5 Average Score 5.78 Highest Score 9.5 (Eric Generic) Lowest Score 2 (Nnnumb)
    This track has something. It's a strong single
    Comments include
    "Actually, I do quite like this. At least he is trying to do something with substance." (Auntie Beryl)
    "A Waste." (TrendyMuller)
    "Awful, awful lyrics aside a tune would've been nice. Ultravox seems a very long time ago" (Nnnumb)
    "So-so single …er, it features Mark Unpronounceablename of Big Country on drums" (Hairycub1969)
    It wasn't all bad as Wastelands leaves at no5

    Scores 9.5 Eric Generic 9 Simes1970 7 Auntie Beryl 6 Remorque 4 Hairycub1969 3 TrendyMuller 2 Nnnumb.
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  12. I almost can't believe how bland That Certain Smile is. Most of my 7.5 was based on nostalgia, as I rather liked it in 1985.
  13. I´d recommend listening to The The´s Uncertain Smile instead.
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  14. Into the Top 5 and at no 4 he's not on his own.
    Score 55.5 Average 7.92 Highest Score 10 (TrendyMuller, Nnnumb) Lowest Score 5.5 (Auntie Beryl)
    Midge's attempt at icy electronics works thanks to Mick Karn.
    Comments Include
    "I loved Ultravox at the time, and a bit later I adored Japan, but this doesn’t really play to the strengths does it?" (Auntie Beryl)
    "Great one-off single that I found annoying at the time but really enjoy now" (Hairycub1969)
    "Love this. Almost worthy of Ultravox during their imperial phase" (Nnnumb)
    "Make no mistake, Midge: Those 10 points are for Mick Karn!" (TrendyMuller)
    Leaving the rate at no4 is After A Fashion.

    Scores 10 TrendyMuller Nnnumb, 9 Simes1970 8 Eric Generic 7 Hairycub1969 6 Remorque 5.5 Auntie Beryl.
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  15. And at number 3, this track was a surprise No1 before a late set of results changed everything.
    Score 56 Average 8 Highest Score 12 (Simes1970) Lowest Score 5 (Auntie Beryl)
    I don't know whether to call this a guilty pleasure or not. It is superb I have always loved this track.Also have a soft spot for the video.
    Comments Include
    "I said it before: At least John Foxx had the decency to quit while he noticed that he was treading water. What did Midge do? Band fucking Aid! And pompous singles like this." (TrendyMuller)
    "A bit of a guilty pleasure this one" (Nnnumb)
    "One of his better solo singles." (Hairycub1969)
    " He was still cracking the top 40 in 1986, but why?" (Auntie Beryl)
    So leaving at number 3 it's Call Of The Wild.

    Scores 12 Simes 1970 9 Eric Generic Remorque 7 Hairycub1969 Nnnumb, TrendyMuller 5 Auntie Beryl.
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  16. So that leaves us with 2 No Regrets or If I Was as your top Midge Ure solo track.
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  17. You know what as there is no number 2 let's just reveal that If I Was and No Regrets Top the poll together with
    Score 56.5 Average 8.07 No Regrets Highest Score 10 (Simes1970,) Lowest Score 5 (TrendyMuller)
    If I Was Highest Score 10 (Remorque, Haircycub1969) Lowest Score 5.5 (Auntie Beryl)
    Let's look at the comments for No Regrets first
    "Well it’s impossible to ruin this song isn’t it? He tries his best, with the cheapest Casio presets he could find. The man can sing, though, and whilst he lacks the infinite gravitas of Scott Walker, I go back this every so often." (Auntie Beryl)
    "No words" (TrendyMuller)
    "Brooding cover of the Walker Bros classic." (Hairycub1969)
    "This really shouldn't work, but somehow does. Brave choice of cover though. Tackling one of the greatest singers of all-time." (Nnnumb)
    No Regrets is a very dark brooding synth remake which works.
    Now the comments for If I Was
    "Straightforward mid-80s classic pop." (Nnnumb)
    "This was a big hit in Germany. Always found it incredibly boring, despite a fairly nice melody. Seeing him wearing this white coat while dad-dancing in socks is a bit too much, though." (TrendyMuller)
    "My favourite Midge Ure solo single with Mark King (Level 42) on bass" (Hairycub1969)
    "A Pointless answer on Eighties number ones, this goes in and out of the ears without leaving much of a smear. Was everyone on cocaine in 1985? (Yes) " (Auntie Beryl)
    NO REGRETS Scores 10 Simes1970 9 Eric Generic, Nnnumb 8 Hairycub1969, Auntie Beryl, 7.5 Remorque 5 TrendyMuller

    IF I WAS Scores 10 Remorque, Hairycub1969, 9 Eric Generic 8.5 Nnnumb 7 Simes1970 6.5 TrendyMuller 5.5 Auntie Beryl

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  18. Oh god, it's all my fault. I am sorry everyone. I changed my score for If I Was from an 8.5 to a 9 by the time I'd finished rating.

    No Regrets would have won.....
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  19. That leaves the all important Ultravox Top 10 still to come. That leaves Sleepwalk, Vienna, Lament, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Slow Motion Passing Strangers, The Voice, Thin Wall, Hymn and Visions In Blue, but in which order? All shall be revealed starting later today.
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  20. And I raised my score for No Regrets. I love cheap synth pop.

    Off topic, I was wondering why we've never had a Soft Cell (and/or Marc Almond) rate? I'm quite tempted...