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Ultravox UK Singles Rate 1977-1987 (ULTRAVOX NUMBER 1 REVEALED)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Ha, it really does sound cheap doesn't it? I was surprised at that, as I probably hadn't played it since about 1993 when the first Midge/U-Vox best of was around. I'd have given it more than a 9 with a better production.
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  2. YES! That would be AMAZING! And names for the rate practically write themself
    This last rate in Sodom, Tainted Rate, Disease & Rate, Rate Inside, Ruby Rate, Seedy Rate, Sex Rate...I could go on.

    On topic: You invoke the (godlike genius) of Scott Walker at your own risk. But Midge settles for imitation instead of interpretation. WHY would anybody listen to this over the original?! It just cements my opinion that he was a shitty popstar. (Almost) winning with a karaoke cover is soo Midge Ure!
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  3. A Man Could Get A Rate Done
    The Art Of Rating Apart
    Melancholy Rate
    Mother Rate And Her Five Sub-Rates
    Bitter Rate
    Something's Gotten Hold Of My Rate
    A Lover Rated
    The Rates Of Pearly Spencer

    ................okay, okay.
  4. Just catching up between holidays:

    John Foxx - as much I love "Underpass" - I would have loved "Europe: After the rain" winning!

    Midge Ure - I really do prefer "No regrets" to "If I was" and I should have given my 10 to the former rather than the latter - doh!

    My fingers are crossed for my Ultravox "12" pointer to win...hopefully!
  5. A few more:
    Entertain rate / rate me
    Chips on my rate
    Non Stop Erotic CabaRATE
    Non Stop Exotic Rating
    Facility rates

    And here is the best yet:

    I will now leave the off topic zone, promised!
    @nnnumb you have no excuse not to do it now!
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  6. I would love a Soft Cell/Marc Almond rate:

    Home is where the "Soft Cell/Marc Almond" rate is!
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  7. Time to enter the Ultravox Top 10 where two tracks cannot be separated. So first
    Score 60 Average 8.57 Highest Score 10 (Hairycub1969, TrendyMuller) Lowest Score 7 (Auntie Beryl)
    Personally very surprised that this track didn't do a lot better in the charts.
    Comments Include
    "This has echoes of Ultravox Mark I – but that instrumental break should be in a futuristic car chase for a film! Great music video too – film in the old Beckton gas works in East London I believe!" (Hairycub1969)
    "Midge is an odd one, isn’t he? Lead singer of a Scottish boyband (Slik) who nonetheless issued one of the odder hits of the 70s (Requiem), part time Thin Lizzy guitarist, Visage prime mover, and now stepping into John Foxx’s shoes. Immediately things have got more Pop; we’re not quite there yet, but this is all very promising. Extended synth solo ahoy!" (Auntie Beryl)
    "Great Song. A bit conventional, but exiting and new" (TrendyMuller)
    So first at 10= is Passing Strangers

    Scores 10 TrendyMuller, Hairycub1969 8.5 Eric Generic, Remorque 8 Nnnumb Simes1970 7 Auntie Beryl.

    Which leads us to
    Score 60 Average 8.57 Highest Score 9.5 (Eric Generic, TrendyMuller) Lowest Score 7 (Auntie Beryl)
    This track does herald back towards the older Ultravox all be it very synth led. Excellent.
    Comments Include
    "And here comes the throbbing synth paired with the motorik drumming. A match made in heaven (in Conny´s studio to be precise). The Theremin melody in the back is fantastic. I would love to hear Foxx sing this." (TrendyMuller)
    "Midge’s vocals suit the synth pop arrangement and the band have got their first UK top 40 single! Like someone just slipped Gary Numan some acid and he’s tripping out!" (Hairycub1969)
    " Still feeling their way in. Never felt like a single, more of an album track for me. Still, searing and soaring synth solo ahoy! " (Auntie Beryl)
    So it's time for Sleepwalk to take leave at 10=

    Scores 9.5 TrendyMuller, Eric Generic 9 Simes1970, Nnnumb 8 Hairycub1969 Remorque 7 Auntie Beryl.
  8. Coming up next 3 tracks with the same score which tomorrow I shall reveal which 3 leaving us with the Top 5.
  9. Gutted to see "Passing Strangers" not in the top five!

    Visions in blue

    need to exit very quickly!
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  10. The success of Visions In Blue on here is a bit surprising.
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  11. As I said: Visions In Blue is the better Vienna.
    It´s all my fault (not the presence of Lame End though)
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  12. it doesn't mean that much to me oh...visions in blue!
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  13. Nobody come for Lament! It's majestic.
  14. Well, I've just put my name forward for it so... interest permitting we'll see what happens.

    I'm losing track of what's still in this rate. Visions In Blue for the win (if Sleepwalk's gone already that is).
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  15. Lament for me is one of Ultravox's finest moments, and I hasten to add has a great video as well.
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  16. It would have been Ultravox's only #1 on my personal charts, had it not been for When Doves Cry blowing my world apart on the same week.
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  17. And we won't get the TOTP performance on BBC4 later this year either which is a shame.
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  18. So we can wrap this rate up by Sunday. I shall reveal the 3 tracks at 8= later tonight.
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  19. So are we ready for 3 tracks at 8=? Let us begin
    Score 62 Average 8.85 Highest Score 11 (Nnnumb) Lowest Score 7.5 (Auntie Beryl)
    This was one of the tracks I was not keen on until relistening to it for this rate. It has changed my mind completely. Love the track.
    Comments Include
    " Pointing to the direction that the band would take with Midge Ure. Love the vocals on the last verse!" (Hairycub1969)
    "The scores on this and 'My Sex' are interchangeable depending on which I'm listening to. So far ahead of the game." (Nnnumb)
    "Let´s not forget that this was 1978! They were so amazing, when they finally disposed the punk weight! I can see a certain Gary Numan listening very, very closely to this and taking notes. " (TrendyMuller)
    " The split was near, and this is the best single yet. I was too young to be close enough to the NME world to be aware of this (born in 1973) but I imagine this got them a fair amount of kudos. Change was in the air though." (Auntie Beryl)
    So first at 8= We all go Slow Motion

    Scores 11 Nnnumb 10 Simes1970 9 Hairycub1969 8.5 Eric Generic 8 TrendyMuller, Remorque 7.5 Auntie Beryl

    Next up we stay with the same era
    Score 62 Average 8.85 Highest Score 12 (TrendyMuller) Lowest Score 7 (Auntie Beryl, Remorque)
    A quality B Side it has to be said. Should have been an A-Side with ease.
    Comments Include
    "A lovely tune limited by Foxx’s, er, limited vocals. Deeply in thrall to Bowie’s Berlin period, and why the hell not?" (Auntie Beryl)
    "The best John Foxx era Ultravox single/song. Listen to while reading J.G.Ballard" (Hairycub1969)
    "This is a contender for my funeral music. Even the sax-solo (a thing I´m quite allergic to) works beautifully with that jittering drum-box and those shimmering, dreamlike synths. Oh, and the lyrics! John Foxx NEEDED to get away and do his thing. The future Ultravox could not write anything like this, even if their lives depended on it." (TrendyMuller)
    "Intro shamelessly pilfered by OMD for Enola Gay" (Nnnumb)
    So next to leave the rate is the last John Foxx led track Hiroshima Mon Amour

    Scores 12 TrendyMuller 10 Hairycub1969 9 Simes1970 Nnnumb 8 Eric Generic 7 Auntie Beryl, Remorque.

    Last but not least this needs no introduction
    Score 62 Average 8.85 Highest Score 10 (Hairycub1969 Eric Generic, TrendyMuller) Lowest Score 7.5 (Auntie Beryl)
    Very etheral feel to this one. It builds throughout the song. Once again that word icy electronically this track.
    Comments Include
    "Was there nobody to tell Midge that he looks like the lumberjack from the Monty Python sketch? I´m just glad I never saw that video back in the day, when I thought that The Voice was amazing. Someone I trusted wrote then that it´s totally hollow, bombastic bollocks. But it´s amazing hollow, bombastic bollocks." (TrendyMuller)
    "The drum pattern sounds like it inspired A-ha’s “Take on me” four years later. Ultravox were on a roll at this stage. This should have been battling with The Human League’s “Don’t you want me” for the Christmas number one of 1981!" (Hairycub1969)
    "Apparently it’s still going on primetime Saturday night ITV, but it’s impossible to know. A ha ha ha. Middling single as they all were post-Vienna, at least for a bit." (Auntie Beryl)
    So the final track at no 8 is The Voice

    Scores 10 TrendyMuller Hairycub1969 Eric Generic 8.5 Remorque 8 Nnnumb Simes1970 7.5 Auntie Beryl.
  20. So there we go. your Top 5, Vienna, Hymn, Visions In Blue, Thin Wall and Lament, but in which order?