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Underrated K-weens: The Reunion Rank ✫ 13th ✫

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. I prefer Mayday ...
  2. I hate both but yeah Mayday is slightly better.
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  3. @Squashua @Slice of Life
    Such a warm welcome I have received. I hope you don't turn on me once my questionable music taste comes to play. But yesss, these rates are basically the main reason I joined. They're so fun to read!
    Also, April Story was one of the best mini albums of the first quarter. Forgot to add: @Slice of Life I would be honoured to receive a PM.

    @ryan_riot92 @Alouder98
    I would love Mayday more if it weren't for the questionable squealing sounds in the backing track.
  4. So...

    Anyone have any objections if I don't wait two weeks more to include Sonamoo's once-a-month pre-release faffery and reopen this right now (with Where Are You? / Love City / Only U included)?

  5. We all know SONAMOO will end up at the bottom anyway! Do it sis!
  6. Do flop (more like bop) queens Nugudan, Lovelyz and WJSN qualify for this rate? Or are we talking *super* underrated?

    But please include Sonamoo and Namyu
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  7. This is meant more as a kinda catch-up with all the 2017 comebacks (+ The Rain/FRI.SAT.SUN) from the groups who competed in the first Underrated Queens of K-Pop rate.
    I fully intend for there to be a Series 2 which will more than likely included the newer gen girl-groups (Dreamcatcher, Gugudan, WJSN et al) and the more obscure bands (Badkidz, GI, Kiss&Cry, EVOL e.t.c.) that other posters requested last time around.
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  8. I can't remember if I've done this or not...
  9. Okey dokes, the people have spoken and:



    Which means we're up to EIGHTEEN songs in this rank-off (which you can find below):

    Please rank them from 1st to Flop using the below C&P Ranker and PM your thoughts:

    Easy Copy & Paste Ranker:

    1st -
    2nd -
    3rd -
    4th -
    5th -
    6th -
    7th -
    8th -
    9th -
    10th -
    11th -
    12th -
    13th -
    14th -
    15th -
    16th -
    17th -
    Flop -


    That is all my pretties


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  10. LABOUM have the potential to win this ... I'm hoping anyway.
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  11. Oh lemme do this to boost Where Are You?'s morale.
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  12. I'm not even kidding when I say that I need one of you to call me and scream at me to do this.

    I've forgotten about so many rates...
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  13. No joke, there isn't one song I don't hate there. This is going to kill me.

    I always do and then you yell at me because you can't be bothered to vote.
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  14. I...suddenly...
    Non sacciu che cosa stai parlando.

    Fine, you just screech at me like next week or something.

    Vote until the endddd.



    I'll begin tagging in a couple days just in case people missed it
    You DON'T have to do commentary for this considering it's quite a small rank.
    If anything, save it for when the competition really starts in the 2017 rate, we might all need to hold on tight for that one...

  16. Oh I didn't even know this was a thing. Lemme sneak some scores in.
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  17. Writing my scores for these, and I'm halfway through and so far everything is pretty good? Are our flops... improving?
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  18. Are we voting for the songs themselves or the totality of work and overall talent of the group?

    Cause, if so? Dalshabet. 9Muses. Flip a coin.
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  19. I'm sitting here, screeching along to Now, We and I just realized Lovelyz isn't in this?
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  20. Oops. Sorry, @Squashua . Reading Is Fun-damental.
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