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Underrated K-weens: The Reunion Rank ✫ 8th // 7th ✫

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Well yeah I stan Now, We but I wouldn't put it as my number 1 in any rates, even if there's a Twice vs Lovelyz rate.

    Love yourself unnie x
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  2. Wait a minute unnie... Is this LOVELYZ slander I see?
    But Candy Jelly Love, Ah-choo and Wow are such B O P S.

  3. I agree xoxo
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  4. April did not deserve this, you heathens! Meanwhile, Melody Day sliding into the top 10 with a certified banger after being completely eviscerated in the last rate is truly some. thing. else. Queens.
  5. You need Jesus.
  6. Really?!!!!
  7. But April Story IS a masterpiece (it was my #2.)
    And April > Lovelyz.
  8. The top 10 is as great as it can be so I don't get why y'all are angry about a group like April missing it.

    Also Beigelyz Queens and their million-selling hits remain unbothered.
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  9. Just remember why Lovelyz aren't in this rate.


  10. Fixed that for you. Also, April may not have a million-selling hit, but they have good music!
    Because they're too irrelevant, even for KPJ? kii
  11. Here's a video of Sawori disguised as a fanboy screaming for April.


  12. Not @He flying to Korea to support ha queen, Kim Chungha, at 1:50.
  13. He



    I do not sound that masc.
  14. I wanted to reply this with that "where are they?" gif but considering some of your favorite songs from this year (cough, Love Whisper, cough), I get that why you're saying April is a group with good music.

    Nn I can't believe I'm arguing over two groups that I don't even give a shit about.
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  15. It may be a bad song but it still outsold Holiday and All Night.
  16. I cackled out loud at work because of you.

  17. Weren't you just talking about how you prefer a group ''with good music'' over a group with a million-selling hit?

    So SNSD and their mega-bops don't really fit into this argument.

  18. Is this what I get for defending your faves?? You and anyone who like @junglebish's post are dead to me x
  19. First @Jwentz and now this. This week has not been kind to me and my numerous forum marriages.

    Also sorry I missed this I'll read through and like everything when I get a chance.