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Underrated K-weens: The Reunion Rank ✫ 8th // 7th ✫

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Not our maknae snatching me bald.
  2. Don't get it twisted Maknae! I only cackled because of the spoiler! I swear!! Please keep supporting beige talent sis!!!
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  3. I’m all for @junglefish getting scalped bald, but Holiday is just as bad as post-Fingertip Gfriend. Let’s not kid ourselves @Alouder98, it’s Party part 2 and should never have seen the light of day.

    All Night, on the other hand, is amazing and deserves all the accolades.

    Gfriend have enough baggage not to warrant the beige title, but they’re definitely on their way to join their beige compatriots if they continue with these kinds of title tracks.
  4. Trash Oppa spilling that scalding tea.
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  5. I'll just pray for you.
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  6. I won't stand for this! Holiday is the sonic equivalent of a weekend road trip with your BFFs while Party feels like an office retirement party for that heaux Ethel who ALWAYS stole candy out of your desk drawers. Holiday is MILES better than Party.

    All Night is better than both, tho. You got that right.
  7. Holiday shouldn't ever be insulted and be compared to GFriend singles or Party, shameful. All Night outdoes all though.
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  8. I’ll join in with the Fingertip stanning. Get back to that sound please. Best dance break of 2017?
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  9. I know send photo is just being send photo but now that we're discussing SNSD in this thread (more than in their own thread), what did Jessica add to the group that makes her so special for this sub-forum?

    I mean, she has done nothing worth stanning for for the past three or four years and hasn't released a single strong song so how was she the one in SNSD?

    I guess it's just cool to like her (and shade/dislike the others)?
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  10. I can't speak for the forum at large but personally, I just find Jessica really fascinating. Even when she was still on SNSD, she always exuded personality that can't be said for 75% of the other members. Her laziness towards everything, her iconic Ice Princess image, her shadiness - she has the personality that I wish my other faves had.

    Plus I think she's super talented. Lazy dancing aside, I really like her nasally vocals.
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. Oh I see that she might be your fave because of personality and her shadiness but how much she was effective on the group's music that some people make it like SNSD lost their ChoA/Hyolyn/main singer after her. They've released some of their best and also worst after her and I doubt it has anything to do with her leaving the group. It's not like the group changed their style after 2014.

    I just feel like she became this ''the best SNSD member/legend/queen'' after she left the group and if you've noticed mostly people who don't like the group (and I doubt they did even back then) are pushing this narrative.

    (This is not directed at you @send photo, I'm just talking about the overall view that I've seen in the sub about the group xx)
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  13. I just want someone to make that BOSS Rita Ora gif and replace it all with clips of Jessica...
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  14. 100% agree with this. For me she was always the most interesting member. I think it's kinda stupid to ask what she added to the group since she led like 70% of the songs until 'I Got A Boy' and totally owned their best part of the discography (First 2 Japanese albums) her unique voice and adlibs were on the of the greatest part of the songs always.
    Also people like Jessica cause of the fake beef with Taeyeon and because Tiffany was her vocal replacement and she's not really popular with people who aren't sones and let's be honest she's not that good at it either.
    Anyways people were always gonna talk about Jessica all the time when discussing post 2014 SNSD, it's not like someone irrelevant like Hyoyeon left.
  15. @ohnostalgia there's miss terry slander

  16. You (and the people who liked your post that actually like every post against SNSD members no matter what the post says) haven't listened to their discography then.
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  17. You know, you can like a group for some of their songs. You don't have to like absolutely every single thing they've put out. You can like a group for some of their members and not like every single one of them. Was Jessica vital to the group?! Maybe yes, maybe no. That's how it is with any group. A member can leave or sit out for a bit, but the group will find a way to function. Doesn't mean they're better or worse off. You shouldn't take this so seriously.
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  18. I love Jessica simply because she's very charismatic, especially compared to some of her ex-bandmates. When I first got into SNSD, she's the one I immediately noticed and I do think that it hurt the group when she left. It's just my opinion though, I understand that some fans don't think she was essential to SNSD (actually I don't kii but let's leave it at that.)
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  19. Jessica & Taeyeon led almost every song of SNSD though because they are main vocals though? It's literally facts I'm not hating on anyone, cause I like all of them, some more, some less, but Jessica was vital part for the group vocally and thats a fact.