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Underrated K-weens: The Reunion Rank ✫ 8th // 7th ✫

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. @Serg. you better sleep with one eye open.
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  2. I have no clue what's happening in this thread but the APRIL and Laboum songs grew on me like 100x more since I voted and I feel sorry for likely underrating / shafting them ddd (edit: checking NOW, I didn't do them too dirty but they would all probably move up 2-3 slots now ddd). Also the non-amazing CLC song also grew on me. Is it still in? Hobgoblin or Rollin should still win though.


    Edit - Wait, lemme be controversial: that Sephiroth song is kinda trash and should leave asap~.






    STELLAR - Archangels of the Extremely Long Convoluted Religious Allegory They Probably Have No Idea About Title

    Rank Ballot AVG - 9.65
    My Rank - 10th

    5TH - @LightningRider // @ajmkv

    17TH - @Sanctuary // @Serg.

    Since we started this bonus rate many moons ago (Dddd flop) some of the groups have seen their fortunes rise and their chances to actually not flop come true in the shape of The UNI+ and Mix Nine. Praise be the reality TV producers for recognising our impact as a sub-forum and all the promo we've put in to highlighting the criminal acts the Korean general public commit on our faves. THAT BEING SAID - poor Stellar. Coming back only to flop harder than ever AND lose the veteran members is somewhat cataclysmic. What's worse is that the former double top 10 placers have sacrificed themselves before the halfway milestone. Shall we see if we can gather them all together for one last musing?

    Former, current and that one understudy members of Stellar - annyeong! Talk to me about this title then...


    YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW? Don't look at me sis, go ask Madonna. I see you added a new member but two of you left quite sharpish after the comeback. How do you decide who stays & who goes?


    Well that's one way to do it. Take note Namyu. Poor new member whose name I haven't learned - into the demonic mudbath you go. Quick Spirited Away Unnie, get all of this on camera.


    What? You think i'm going to let the producers edit out an ACTUAL human sacrifice on this show? You're nuts - MNET are SHOOK.


    Considering the song lyrics in the chorus, did the viewers on the phonelines give them their LUB?


    Judging by the fact no one ranked this higher than 5th and it received two almost-flop 17ths i'm going to say.... No. No they didn't.


    Our team of angels are here to make it clear that this isn't so black or white as a straight up heaven crushing bop. Slice of Life acting cute and chiding y'all despite only ranking this 12th: "Not their best single by a long shot but it's honest to god bawp for the ages. This deserved so much more support from you, unnies." whereas ThighHighs felt this didn't quite reach the upper echelons: "This song is good, the video is amazing, and the verses are great, but the chorus is just shouting, and I can’t totally ignore that. I still like the song and can use it occasionally, but it doesn’t live up to the high high expectations I have with Stellar releases. It could have used something more in the middle-eight after the “chase” section."

    Talking of shouting, what's that coming over the hill? It's a yodelling Ryan_Riot92: "GIVE ME YOUR … LUB! You know this isn’t their greatest moment but it still knocks! The addition of a new member was kind of off putting but the entire concept seems to showcase that ceremonial act of her becoming a part of the group. It’s more artistically amazing than catchy but I don’t mind." I keep reading LUB as lube and now the song's an anthem for bottoms everywhere. From off-putting to pretentious and problematic next with Slo Mover's hotline critique. Did y'all study aesthetics or something? "The title is so pretentious lmfao. I love the girls (despite how problematic their career is) but this isn't one of their best. But I appreciate the ballsiness of releasing this type of track considering the current tastes of S.Korea. Extra points for the reference to Madonna's Frozen in the video."

    But an angel's powers are tenfold and there are unnies that actually listened to EP for forbidden fruit bopportunites. Cotton Park knows the pricing model for devil deal making: "Stellar went for it. They tried to do something outside the box and I think they paid a steep price for it. I loved this song and played it incessantly when it first came out but it hasn't held up that well over time. I actually now prefer the rest of the album tracks." Not even Stellar superstan of the sub-forum Ajmkv couldn't turn away from this fall from sexy concept Grace: "Gimme yo lub, gimme yo lub, gimme yo lub! I actually really like this, but it's a disappointment after I stanned for Crying to the moon and back (it's currently probably the most successful K-Pop song on my all-time charts, and recently celebrated its anniversary - 52 consecutive weeks - on my charts~). Honestly, the concept is great and it's flawlessly executed, but the strange video quality lets it down a little. Soyoung was an unnecessary addition, honestly, and The Entertainment Pascal remains a shit company of the worst kind, but this was overall a decent release. Why Me? and The Wave from the album were pretty fantastic, as well."




    (But actually don't, this song never happened m'kay? We'll miss you Gayeong & Jeonyul)





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  4. Yeah, I love Stellar and this song but it should've left before April Story.

    I'm still pressed, okay?
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    Rank Ballot AVG - 8.35
    My Rank - 13th

    3RD - @Serg.

    13TH - @Slice of Life // @Ceir // @SloMover // @Squashua

    The second of our late-comer entries kicks off the second half of proceedings with an enthusiastic stream of consciousness approach. 9 - 5 Muses (queens of Mathematics) were perhaps the most successful group in the original rate despite not reaching the Top 5 and looks like they're going to repeat that trend with another high but early fallout. No scores below 13th ain't bad though - I wonder how they feel....

    Welcome back to the top 10 Muselettes! Who knew your A sub-unit would be your only unit at this time last year - how have you found the transition?


    What did you just call me? I take objection to that - Sawori has never been to the Canadian tundra before in ha life! I'm not sure the ex-Muses will appreciate the name calling either...


    This isn't a cookery show binch, we're here to discuss your floppery! We want to hear more behind the scenes gossip - spill those herbs unnie!


    Sounds like my Halloween night amirite fellas? Sawori is done with your thesauraps, do any of the rest of you speak?


    Good luck cleaning up that PR nightmare x


    There's a lot of talk about the 9Muses before us and what we have now but, surprisingly, many of you aren't too against the idea of a 9-5 Muse spectacular. Let's see what the folks have been tweeting out on the Saucebox:

    Pioneer of Italian Sausage Meats, Salami, got the train to Love City just in time for this party: "This song went nowhere for me at first but I love it now." And what's a party without SloMover and their expert knowledge of questionable Drag Queen pop: "Poor 9Muses, they really one of the consistent groups Kpop has been blessed with but never got the recognition they deserved. With that being said, Love City isn't one of their best... The song is a bit too Rupauls' Drag Race alumni music release for me."

    From this point onwards, whilst the opinions may vary HEAVILY, there's one thing y'all have in common and we're calling it:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    See how many of the pesky rap-mumble queens YOU can spot across our comms. Slice of Life has me gagged for the Sims 5 tie-in OST: "Nine Muses truly don't need Sweetune now, huh. Another win for Namyu. Sojin's Simlish rap is iconic. Send her to Unpretty Rapstar asap!" Ryan_Riot has more electronics in mind (plus a peek into his spelling bee training): "UGH! Sojin’s Ladytron-esque rapping makes this song!! The spelling out of love is also quite nice. The rest of it is good … not great but the verses heavily remind me of “Hurt Locker” which is kind of cool."

    Poor Cotton Park oppa has had just about enough scandal popping as he can take: "Even when they're trying to be more light-hearted, Namyu fucking brings it. There are so many brilliant little touches in this song, I don't know where to start. Oops oops. I would rank this higher, but Other Sojin's whisper rap (scandal box sauce pop) is getting a little wornout. I miss Euaerin. Just the same, they are the undeniable underrated queens of KPop." Whereas this ThighHighs commentary is making we want a 9 Muses Sailor Moon spin-off: "HEW KNEW?! Who honestly could have predicted that, being 5 members from full power, the Muses would be going from strength to strength like this? The gals are on the prowl and they all more than hold their own in this song. Sojin’s rapping skills are a revelation and she completely owns this song."

    Finally the polar ends of the opinion spectrum, with the good sis LightningRider going superlative pop: "Sojin’s whispering is one of the best things to happen to a pop group ever." and Ajummakv serving up shit allegories (no, literally): "I was expecting something much better from Sojin's whisper-rap at the beginning, but it's just like an unsatisfying fart - loud, but with no substance. (That's a horrible metaphor, I'm so so sorry.) Nine Muses used to be my ultimate group alongside BEG but while the former have only gotten better with age, Nine Muses have sadly become underwhelming and (dare I say it?) kind of basic. I blame it entirely on Star Empire. The material used to be there even through all the other disappointments, but now even than isn't quite there. Disappointed."

    Did you spot them all kids? Let's all look at your scorecards:






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  7. Disgusting
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Hilarious. This is one of your best write-ups Squash-unnie. I was giggling the whole way through.
  10. I had them ranked higher than this, but I'm not too mad. I do think it should be ranked higher than Remember.
  11. I'm screaming at these write-ups. Crying at the eliminations.

    Actually no, Love City is still trash. One of y'all in this forum once said something about Sojin's voice sounding meaty in her parts? WHO WAS THAT????? I CAN'T UNHEAR THAT THANKS TO YOU!

  12. IT'S DARK





    Rank Ballot AVG - 7.71
    My Rank - 11th

    1ST - @He
    3RD - @Cotton Park // @Slice of Life // @SloMover

    15TH - @junglefish // @Sanctuary
    16TH - @LightningRider

    Sawori is unamused by the changes in temperature in her domain and is therefore appeased by y'all kicking the Ladi3s of th3 Non-Binary Cod3 into the stratosphere of eliminaysha-dom. The Rain just missed the deadline to the original rate by a matter of weeks and some people figured it should have done better than Galaxy that time. It has a controversial run to the latter end of the 2KPOP16 SOTY rate but it looks like another year to marinate has been a bit too long for its prospects of success...

    A trio? On my stage? Welcome Female Codeine, how are you feeling? You made it half-way!


    Oh. OK. Right yeah... Stupid question. I wasn't sure if this was just going to be a concept and you'd actually be hyper rays of sunshine in person.


    On a seperate note, wasn't there meant to be a third part of this sound? There's literally 3's everywhere in your EP titles - seems like that was the plan...


    And I can assure you that they probably do. Galaxy then The Rain - what branch of scientific focus are you going for next?


    Oh maybe I could be contributor there? I got my masters in Scalpology after all... x


    Normally I like to section off our callers into the STANS and the NO MA'AMs but catch-my-tears it seems all the comments were kinda positive this time! How does that bode for our top 7? Will there be any sass left before we finish this gig? Answer is yes, yes there will be :

    Seems like you gals like a grower huh? Cotton Park has returned from orbiting a distant bop: " I still think "Galaxy" is the better song, but "The Rain" has really grown on me. The key note at the end of the break gives me goosebumps. Great Moments In KPop." and even Salami has visited the twilight zone and come out... appeased?: "I've come round to this. I didn't see what everyone else did but it's a got a really strange production that works."

    The trending hashtag of this elimination probably has something to do with that Mythical third EP no one's seen. Slice of Life is got ha caps lock jammed: "WHERE THE HELL IS THE THIRD PART OF THE TRILOGY, PRECIOUSES???" and SloMover only just managed to doth their caps after an initial flurry: "Y*SSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I love the moodiness of The Rain and the video is just so aesthetically pleasing (those poor goldfish though). Still waiting for Part 3 tho, girls."

    Maybe the fans are the real Part 3?

    On a happier note, which isn't keeping on-brand AT ALL, there's a lot of praise out there for the Code. ThighHighs asks rhetoricals: "What a kind of moody bop? This one goes places you don’t hear often in k-pop, and I really love it." which Ryan_Riot92 answers emphatically: "QWEENS! This track isn’t much different from their previous endeavor with “Galaxy”, but I love “The Rain” so much more! It’s got a fantastic smooth electro vibe and the ladies look stunning! Truly excellent."

    Speaking of watery environs, there's a flood in Ajmkv's musical basement: "I've gushed about how much I love this song in the 2k16 rate, and honestly it remains a fantastic song. Excellent video, beautiful song, and just an overall fantastic package. I adore this."

    And with that, let's hit the showers fellas:



    (Notice the Eiffel Tower in the background of this live performance just to spite that @junglefish low ranking)
  13. What’s even left now?

  14. The WINNER, that's what.

  15. The WINNER, that's what.
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  16. Pocket Girls - Oppa You’re Trash
  17. God, you have no idea. Or maybe you do. Hit me hard this year. Thank God for KPop. It really helps with depression like no other genre.

    And thanks for getting this going again. Me likey likey likey tucuntucuntucun. Titty titty.
  18. He


    What, the Rain is perfect!
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  19. Guys ... Melody Day are still in this ...

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  20. And for good reason! Kiss on the Lips is the best thing they've put out.
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