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Unpopular K-Pop Opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vikeyeol, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. I know most threads here fade into oblivion because 90% of our discussions just take place in the main thread anyway, but I think this is one that could work on its own. The title is self explanatory (and you know it from Mvnl's original thread I'm copying) but I'll give examples anyway: Do you think VIXX should stick to cutesy concepts? Talk about that here! Do you think Someone Like U is Dal Shabet's worst song? Tell us here! Do you think SHINee sucks? Delete your account!

    I'll start: Sticky Sticky doesn't deserved to be dismissed as one of the lesser Miniskirt clones, it's one of both Brave Bros and Hello Venus' best bops.
  2. N N N N Yath let the bloodbath begin!!!

    I'll start:
    1. Siwon is gross. Like, I seriously judge people who stan him.
    2. Seungri is the best member of Big Bang.
    3. Taeyeon's skills are severely overrated. She can sing but she's no Ailee. Or 4Minute. Or Goo Hara.

    I'll think of messier opinions. Kii.
  3. Sistar are pretty useless.
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  4. I don't understand why Twice are so popular or why they're considered a "visual" group.

    see also: BTS.
  5. I.O.I are a complete waste of time and company resources.
  6. It features bongos, so it automatically wins.

    YG is the worst of the big 3 companies.

    Rainbow should have disbanded long ago. They'll never happen. Like fetch never happened.

    Baby J is the best female idol rapper of all time.
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  7. Big Bang are redundant and their inability to just piss off was a blot on an otherwise stellar 2015 in K-Pop.
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    • SNSD should have disbanded when Jessica left
    • Bom seems like a lovely girl but is an atrocious singer
    • GFRIEND and OH MY GIRL shit all over Red Velvet, TWICE and BLACK PINK
  8. I so agree with this.
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  9. Moon Hyuna is the superior Hyuna.
  10. Honestly? I never had much use for 4minute and I'm glad they broke up so Hyuna can just keep releasing solos (even though I think 'Hows This?' was pretty bad nñññ...).
  11. This may not be an unpopular opinion in PJ, but I really (x6) dislike Somi. And I haven't even watched Produce 101 (except episode 1) and Sixteen so I don't know how this dislike found its way to my heart. Kii. Like, her existence in IOI really negatively affects my enjoyment of the group as a whole. And it truly breaks my heart that when she debuts in a JYP group, my enjoyment of that group would be affected as well. I pretty much stan all of the JYP girls (yes, even Baek A Yeon, the #Relatable Kween) so it would be the first time that I probably won't stan a JYP group. Tragic, etc.
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  12. I'm a purveyor of questionable taste and think AOA Cream's I'm Jelly Baby was better than 3/4 of AOA's actual comebacks. The video on the other hand... save the Magic girl concepts for the mid-teen nugus ladies.
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  13. While I enjoy their new songs, AoA peaked with Elvis, and Chanmi is the best member.
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  14. I find her incredibly unlikable too. And the fact she came 27th out of 101 (31st if it hadn't been for technicalities ñññññ) in the rate suggests that most of us who followed P101 are at least somewhat put off by her bratty-ness.
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  15. Speaking of AOA, I thought I liked them until I made a playlist of their songs on Apple Music and realized they're... not very good at all. The only song I use is their Japanese single with the guy from TM Revolution N N N N N.
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  16. Good luck is especially monstrous.
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  17. EXO are all ugly.
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  18. N N N N yep I followed your P101 rate and I was really surprised (but low-key elated) that Somi flopped so bad. Hehe. I plan on watching Produce 101 before the year ends. Is the show rather Somi-centric? Because I'm honestly not here for that. Not even Sejeong's forehead and Chungha's everything will make me watch the show if Somi is showed every 5 minutes.
  19. Somi is not that bad. She's just really, really young, is all.
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