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Unpopular K-Pop Opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vikeyeol, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. I'm obsessed with Apink, HELP.
  2. There's no saving you.
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  3. And I thought I was the only one who remotely likes APink in the forum. I'll still keep saying that Only One was one of the best releases from last year. Also, their two most recent albums Pink Revolution and Japanese album Pink Doll are ace.

    It also goes without saying that any show that the girls are on are hilarious.
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  4. So Crazy is one of the best T-ara singles.
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  5. I don't get the appeal of Hyoyeon.
  6. She used to be amazing. All those idol dance competitions around 2009-2010 were dominated by her. The woman danced like she had no bones in her body. But, I'm guessing the lack of opportunities to use her main talent caused her to just not practice?
    Her performances on Hit the Stage were just...meh, honestly. The backup dancers were more interesting to watch and stole the spotlight from her.

    Which leads me to this: Momo isn't a good dancer. She can make basic girl group choreo look good, but that's about all.
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  7. Good Luck is better than Excuse Me and Bing Bing.
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  8. Momo is clearly the case of someone who isn't naturally meant to dance, but who put enough effort into learning it that she ends up knowing how to move her body, not to mention she's very charismatic. What I do think is that she's not actively dancing what's best for her. The best I've seen from her was that modern dance stage and she's not even a modern dancer.
  9. Hyoyeon's dancing has always been over-rated as fuckkkk. Momo only looks good in comparison to the rest of TWICE because... who doesn't?
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  10. I'll take one Dreamcatcher over 40 Blackpinks.
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  11. UKISS is overlooked and it makes me sad.

    Yes I'm literally listening to their ENTIRE discography and crying over how good Bingeul Bingeul was at the time and how ridiculous it all was.
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  12. Something for the big kids. Just imagine you've never seen this little quartet before:

    They're still fuckin' Mamamoo.
    (Their Music Bank performance was even better... but I can't embed it. Thanks, KBS.)
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  13. I hate that people compare BlackPink members to 2NE1 members or when they say their songs are very 2NE1. The only similarity that they have with 2NE1 is that they sing Teddy's songs.

    Also Jisoo is so underrated.
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  14. Uh yeah... I probably should have said "something for the ahjussi, ahjussi..."

    Which is kinda what I meant...
  15. If you're solo I don't care. No interest at all.
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  17. The album tracks from SNSD's first Japanese album are some of the best songs a Kpop artist/group has recorded. You-a-holic, Bad Girl, Great Escape, Beautiful Stranger.....
  18. Totally. And their concert performances of them are fantastic. I didn't realize how good they really are until I stumbled upon their Tokyo Dome shows on YT. Perfume-esque. Some of them, anyway.
  19. Beautiful Stranger performance, with them banging on that plexiglass wall with the nightsticks, Taeyeon headbanging and rocking out like a mad woman.

    That You-aholic stage with them in those white outfits...

    It was a glorious time.
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  20. This should not be an unpopular opinion.
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