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Unpopular K-Pop Opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vikeyeol, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. YES! Totally. I still love watching those clips. The way they connect with the audience, so effortless, so natural, so locked-in.

    There's a reason they are who they are.
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  2. I think the only solo artist I genuinely "stan" for is Gain. I can't think of anyone else.
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  3. CLC' Crystyle EP is better than 80% of 4Minute's discography.
  4. This alone.
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  5. This has secretly been sitting in my top 5 kpop songs for year...
    The "neolbeun deungeul gajin geureon namjaya" at the end of the chorus kills me..

    I'll remove myself from the subforum now..

    Just kidding.
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  6. No, I get it. It's a nice chorus and a great line. Maybe we need a thread for "guilty pleasures" or "schlocky, corny songs that are oddly addictive". I kind of feel that way about "Little Little". I listen to it all the time now.
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  7. Nn Let It Rain is probably my favourite SNSD song.
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  8. I just wanna confirm if Snuper is the Nation Boy Group of KPJ. Are they?
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  9. Not while SHINee are still alive. Pass.
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  10. And even when SHINee is no longer they will remain the Nation Boy Group of KPJ.
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  11. SHINee are still Kings of KPJ.

    Dowoon DAY6 are second in line.
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  12. KPJ House Band.

    Especially since Wonder Girls went bye bye.
  13. Jessi is... not very good. I liked her more when she was Jessica H.O, notorious BoA and SNSD hater. At least she was an entertaining homophobic mess.
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  14. She's variety star pretending to be rapper.
  15. I never could stand her, though I did like her part in the first Unnies "Shut Up!" song. (Though, her high school buddy Tiffany owned that thing.... apparently Jessi and THwang are tight...)
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  16. I think "The Secret" might be my favorite song ever. Like ever. And I've never even felt Cosmo inside me. Whoever he is. (Though I could be wrong about that...)

    EDIT: This can probably be moved to the Drunk KPop thread. What do you think, Cosmo?
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  17. By "The Secret", I assume you're talking about this masterpiece?

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  18. You know I'm talking about WJSN. Though, man.... Tahiti.... now that you mention it.... I fucking love Tahiti...

    But no. Cosmic Girls. And Cosmo. I never get sick of their "The Secret".

    I edited my post. I do that too much.
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  19. The mini-album is called The Secret but the song itself is just called Secret. #themoreyouknow
  20. And now I love it even more!

    And the video.... the over saturated skies (very JPop)... Exy... Dawon's book by Sir Robert Stawell Ball, esoteric inventor of screw theory... the anthemic bridge... Cheng X's glare as she grows wings... the wolf... Dayoung's pout.... Xuan Yi looking like Jeonghwa... (she always does) I even love the crocheted seat covers in the flying Ferrari. I could go on....
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