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Unpopular K-Pop Opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vikeyeol, Oct 17, 2016.

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  2. I demand a Playback comeback IMMEDIATELY!!!
    (With or without the cute one in the blue sweater.)
    Somebody!!! Make it happen!
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  3. Cosmic Girls' I Wish has grown on me immensely. I can now say I like it better than Secret.
  4. I can't possibly agree with this sacrilege, but I have to say that watching them perform "I Wish" live changed my mind about this song. They're a charisma explosion on stage. They remind me of SNSD way more than Twice or Pristin. Really good. Now if they'd just do "Babyface" live, my brain would melt.
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  5. AKMU's "Dinosaur" is basic and badly constructed, each part seems not well jointed.
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  6. Still better than that Brave Girls song.
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  7. Eclipse is the only good thing that Loona have released so far.
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  8. I was just coming to this thread to post that Kim Lip is still my favorite LOONA.
    (Though I like Love Cherry Motion. It's just not Eclipse. And she's not Kim Lip. Eclipse is heaven....)
    (I still don't get why you can't dig 4 Walls... We like so many of the same things...)
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  9. APink's Five is a BOP.
  10. I love the name Weki Meki. Even better, Weme.

    Almost even better.


    Actually. Never mind. Just Weki Meki.
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  11. I love Coloring Book. Just love it. Overused word alert: EPIC

    Update: No to Weki Meki.
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  12. f(x) albums are overrated, esp Red Light
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  13. Yura's "I'm gonna get to you" line is probably the most iconic in Kpop history.
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  14. Day6 is shit
    N.Flying >>>
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  15. This is a personal attack!
  16. I'm not sure about that, but I respect your unpopular opinion.
    Certainly the second most iconic suspenders.
    C'mon. You knew this one already.
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  17. PSY. Go away.
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  18. Signal is in top 3 comebacks this year
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  19. Preach

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  20. I actually like Signal the way it is. Momo and Mina's rap section ain't that bad.
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