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Unpopular K-Pop Opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vikeyeol, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Amber is being a spoiled brat.
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  2. That's a fact.
  3. And isn't unpopular.
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    • APink's "Only One" was one of the best songs of last year. Great production, vocals, and melody.
    • Jin is BTS' 2nd best singer if they just give him lines (thought that's not saying much regarding their vocal line)
    • NCT Dream is the superior NCT unit
    • Taeyeon has one of the best personalities in K-Pop
    • B1A4 musically trumps any other boy group's music besides Shinee
    • 'When the Cherry Blossoms Fade' is a great song.
    • Though i think she's carelessly spilling a bit too much tea, I don't think Amber's being a brat or 'ungrateful.' I think if Luna or any of the more favored/'pretty' girls in the group was the one doing this, less people would be telling them to 'know her place.'
  4. I don't think I even know what he sounds like so I can't even counter this.
  5. This gif is so iconic
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  6. CLC are both a better tribute act and a better group in general than Blackpink.
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  7. I'm surprised I haven't posted this here yet.

    Shinee is overrated.

    Also 4walls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> View.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Like... I understand not liking their discography, but saying they are overrated is a stretch. If by overrated means coming back with a variety of concepts, on point performances and holding up against the newer generations of boy groups in a way where they are considered legends by anyone who isn't an EXO stan then I guess they are overrated.

    4 Walls is better than View, but it's also not by a big margin.
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  9. We're officially at war.

    I get not liking their discography, but I can provide you with actual videos from my phone of them singing live through an entire 2.5 hour concert and never showing signs of fatigue. They're amazing performers.
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  10. Glass Bead is an iconic debut and it's better than Me Gustus Tu, Navillera and even Rough .
  11. Dreamcatcher are trying to have a different concept in comparison to other groups which is a good thing , but the concept doesn't suit them at all. I think the company chose the wrong girls for the group.
  12. I'll Be Yours is a 5/10 at best but the Everyday #5 EP is better than any MAMAMEH releases.
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  13. The Artist Formerly Known As Beast released March's best song.

    And best vibe in general.

    And I really don't pay much attention to male groups...
  14. The DIA Trinity

  15. SHINee's "Savior" may be the definitive Kpop song for me now.....

    I'm sorry Number 9 and Lovey Dovey...

  16. What an underrated bop. Surely and definitely one of the best debut singles of 2016. They could have been an amazing group if they continued on.
  17. I miss Sulli.


    Come back, Sulli! Save f(x)!

    (this might have to be moved to Drunk KPop thread...)
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  18. She is saving them. Her Estee Lauder and Swarovski endorsements are probably funding Amber's breakdowns.
  19. The Pledisz Girlzs experiment is failing.
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