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Unpopular K-Pop Opinions

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by vikeyeol, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. I know this is so March 2017, but Minyoung doesn't get enough credit. That song is nothing without her.
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  2. Sullivan from f(x) is not fit like everyone says. She's 5/10 at best.
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  3. Why is SM trying to make that orange one 1 Red Velvet happen? I always consider her to be the weakest link of the 4.
  4. Wait which one is the orange one.
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  5. There's also 5 members so at least Orange Hair beat ha in the rankings...
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  6. Yeri doesn't count.
  7. If I had my way as to Oh My Girl's single-releases.

    Debut Single / "Oh My Girl" EP - Cupid
    Second Single / "Closer" EP - Closer
    Third Single - "Pink Ocean" EP - One Step Two Steps
    Fourth Single / "Pink Ocean" EP Repackage - Liar Liar
    Fifth Single / "Summer Special Album" EP - A~ing
    Sixth Single / Full Album with all five previous singles, and five new songs - Windy Day + Hold Up (snatching that IOI song from Jinyoung's files)
    Seventh Single / "Coloring Book" EP - Perfect Day
  8. 2006-2009 Super Junior was the epitome of kpop in that era. It's You, Super Girl, Sorry Sorry, U, Don't Don...

    I mean..It's You alone...
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  9. Super Junior were amazing in those years. (I'd add Bonamana to that list too, personally.) It's a shame everything went downhill after.
  10. Okay, but Heechul was prettier than Yoona in the U video. It was hilarious.
  11. I'll Be Yours is one of the top 3 songs of 2017.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Heechul is insufferable.
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  14. Boys of K.A.R.D are overrated. I would'nt have listened to them if Somin wasn't in the group. She is brilliant.
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