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Utada Hikaru - Chikai/Don't Think Twice (KH3 theme song)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Yay, more music!
  2. New CM featuring 'Anata':
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  4. 'Anata' is sounding good:

    I wonder if we will get a new album before the end of the year...
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  5. Don't know if anyone noticed but Fantome is on Spotify.

  6. For you maybe. Sobs! Screenshot_20171202-094708.png
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  7. Anata is fucking gorgeous, another 10, 3rd in a row. Wow, she's on a roll. I can't wait for the next album.

    Oh and there is a short version of the music video and a documentary, but there are block for everyone except Japan...
  8. Oh its out! I need to give it a listen.
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  9. Yeah, I read today Fantome was on all streaming services but it doesn’t appear on my Spotify nor Apple Music.

    Maybe it’s just America?
  10. I've read that it should be available by January (the 8th I think?)
  11. Her entire catalogue is technically all "there", it's... just...

    not... available.

  12. Y'all are fuckin' fake if you don't own her entire discography by now.
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  13. Yeah, but we could still give her more coin from streaming it.
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  14. yeah, plus I basically disowned my manual mp3 player so It would be nice to have a streaming option available to me when the fancy hits.
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  15. Which one?
  16. Her vocals are amazing this era, those ad-libs at the end!
  17. All albums (bar This Is The One) and most singles are now up for streaming on UK Google Play Music.
    Giving 0.0001p to Boku Wa Kuma as I type.
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