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Utada Hikaru - Chikai/Don't Think Twice (KH3 theme song)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Didn't she sign with Mercury outside of the US and Island in Canada, Mexico, and the US. Island probably has some sort of hold on the rights?
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  3. Apparently she's also producing his debut album due in April. The song is something else, I like it so far.
  4. It's official, she's doing the Kingdom Hearts III theme song:

    Chikai (誓い) (Japanese version):

    Don't Think Twice (English version):

    "Chikai" will be included on her upcoming japanese album.
  5. Oh, wow, the lyrics on the verse for the English version are incredibly clunky. The chorus is brilliant though. Can't wait for the PlanitB remix.~
  6. YESYESYES! Sounds nice so far.
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  7. Much better than Sanctuary's lyrics in my opinion, between Forevermore and this she's really using a lot more swing and triplet rhythm for this era.
  8. Sounding great - looking forward to hearing the rest of the song!
  9. Love the experimental rhythms but also I'm not gonna lie I wish it sounded 'bigger'.
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  10. I actually adore it, its moody much like the game appears to be. I think i enjoy the english version better?

    KH3 is starting to feel really real huh
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  11. If it builts up like Sakura Nagashi, it's going to be a tune!

  12. Keep trollin', trollin'!
  13. That was completely unexpected!

    I really hope the song builds up more, because I was definitely left wanting me from the preview. And I'll just stick with the Japanese version. Sorry Utada, but the English lyrics were a little too...clunky for me.
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  14. Queen of saving us from purgatory
  15. Shaking and crying.
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  16. God, yes!

    'Kingdom Hearts III' wouldn't be the same without her. Those 2 minutes sound perfect. I could see it explode maybe in the middle 8 or near the end.
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  17. the song sounds nice so far... but omfg does this mean we KH3 might actually be released someday. I cannot.
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  18. I believe maybe this winter?
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  19. YEEEES! So glad she’s doing the songs again. I was really worried that they’d go with someone else. But I mean, she is a part of Kingdom Hearts. I also low key like the idea that the reason they’ve delayed the game is because they were waiting for her song haha

    In other news her iTunes is a strange beast (in the UK at least anyway) - no First Love, and for whatever reason Deep River isn’t in the same place as all the rest of her albums (I only found it because I did a separate search). Mess!

    EDIT: Actually, scrap that - I just looked on the desktop version of iTunes and Deep River is there. I was looking on the app originally.
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