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Variety Shows General Discussion

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Sep 7, 2017.


    Matilda did the most, with all chair dancing and splits. As Rain oppa says "I could see your desperation!".

    Hwang Chi Yeol dancing was so sexy. BIG FLO being outshide by a mentor.

    Oh now it's A-JAX, yet another group abandoned by DSP... saved by public with SUPER BOOT.

    A.Cian - story of one member meeting WINNER member at his part-time job while stilling in A.Cian really says everything about nugu's life.

    We only get few seconds of each performance from MYNAME, SNUPER, IMFACT and B.I.G? They all passed but it's so homophobic...

    A band trying to join The Unit? Thatsjustnorereallistic.gif

    Even back up dancer for NU'EST gets in! TALENT TRICKLING DOWN!

    Not some SM Rookies kid challenging Taemin. Interesting.

    The second part of episode was first challenge. It was nice. Not overly happy how we already got Avengers Team but band MAS won as Humble Kings not afraid of asking for help.
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  2. I'm watching the third episode and yaaaaassss at that 15-years old girl from Good Day getting a second chance. It was heartbreaking to see her fail when all the other members got passed.

    Edit: YAS again at Queen Serri picking the girls that received super boot for her team. If there's supposed to be an Avengers team in the unit, it must be the group that Dalshabet are in it, then.
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  3. Why are Good Day even here? They don't need a reboot when they just debuted a few months ago.
  4. Same thing with those who never debuted. You can’t reboot someone if they haven’t even made a debut.
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  5. THIS. I have a big problem with this. Like you haven't even attempted to break into the industry yet while some of these people have been trying for years to simply get their name out there. It's kind of insulting.
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  6. I get the ex-trainees, especially that SM trainee, trying to break through and coming on the show.

    But, a newly debuted group? Nah, pass.
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  7. Half of the established nugus that should have been on the show ended up going on Mixnine instead because they had closer ties with YG/JTBC than KBS (Mixnine started production a lot earlier than The Unit). So in short, there wasn't enough people auditioning. LABOUM's company had to be negotiated to even get the girls on the show especially after they won a music show on the same network, which is also why they tweaked the qualifications so that actors could appear. It's a mess.
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