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Variety Shows General Discussion

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Alouder98, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Euijin versus Yebin probably. Worried for Euna Kim and Lee Suji... that song choice was awful. But at least a main vocal has finally entered the girls' team.
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  2. Yeah I meant Yebin.

    Looking at the name of each girl's homegroup, I feel like if they debuted as a regular (not temporary) group would be better for them (and I'm like half-joking) cause most of them don't have a group to go back to and I doubt any of them can stand a chance as a solo artist.
  3. I think something's up. The former HV girl / former Pre-School Girl thanked Pledis CEO in her speech. An After School comeback in the works? He's been liking all photos promoting her too.
  4. Ehhh the boy group winners are a tad disappointing.
  5. I know right. Really happy for the girls though! Three more for each team!
  6. It seems boy group doesn't have an actual lead vocalist. Just rappers, dancers and some visuals. They did Donghyuk so wrong. Cancelled upon arrival.
  8. Dddd ACE is going to take ages to comeback, shit.
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  9. I’m just happy Woohee has a job since Dal Shabet split.
  10. Heartbroken for Euna and Suji. It would have been amazing if they made it together.

    Happy for A.CE though. One boy won MixNine and the other in The Unit.