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Victoria Duffield

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Fascination, May 29, 2014.

  1. So everyone's favourite Canadian Britney-lite, Victoria Duffield, is releasing her second album Accelerate on June 3rd. It comes two years after her first album, Shut Up and Dance, also known as The Most Shining Example of Pop Music Ever.

    The lead single from the album, More Than Friends, is amazing and sounds like a musical representation of summer:


    She also released a single called We Takin' Over at the end of 2013 but it didn't make the final track listing, probably because it's a huge letdown in comparison to her other tracks but even then it's a proper 7/10.


    1. More Than Friends
    2. Paper Planes
    3. 2 Become 1
    4. Kiss Me In The Middle
    5. Cherry Red feat. Jerzee
    6. Sawdust
    7. Hate To Say It
    8. That Something feat. MoD
    9. Holographic
    10. I Like It Like This
    11. Bulletproof

    The album is currently streaming here! Can't wait to hear it for the first time.
  2. Okay so the album is a literal 11/10. Paper Planes is an obvious standout and if it isn't a future single I'll genuinely be surprised. Holographic is exactly as it sounds it would be - straight up ballsy and danceable, while Cherry Red is another top track that I can imagine a lot of people enjoying. Sawdust is the only 'ballad' and it's beautiful (but with a title like that, I actually expected it to be really abrasive and aggressive but it isn't).

    Amazing. 100% perfect.
  3. I really enjoyed Shut Up and Dance and Feel from her. I haven't kept up with her since then but listening to More Than Friends now it reminds me of a Carly Rae Jepsen song, which is a good thing, so I will be give the album a listen.
  4. "Shut Up and Dance" is a bona fide teenpop classic in my book so I do still check on Victoria from time to time, but I'm not really floored by "More Than Friends" at all.
  5. Feel and Shut Up and Dance totally made it for me, so I gonna give More Than Friends a chance... I hope this goes well for her
  6. Break My Heart though! It's literally one of my top ten favourite songs ever. It embodies summer and perfection.

    This album is still 'giving me life' so to speak. I'm honestly amazed that she could have two such flawless albums, especially considering her artistry isn't really there.
  7. The album cover is serving 90s/early 00s flashbacks. Will give this a listen later.
  8. Is there anything as good as Break My Heart on this? That was a jam and a half.
  9. There isn't anything really comparable to Break My Heart, but Paper Planes is probably the most obvious 'jam'. Honestly, the entire album is a jam. But I doubt she'll top Break My Heart - I get goosebumps every time I hear it.
  10. Britney-lite indeed:


    Sorry for the low quality video, but... yeah. This happened.

    That said, 'More Than Friends' is almost 'Call Me Maybe' levels of amazing. I'm off to stream the album now!
  11. She looks rather masculine on the album cover. I quite like this girl. Shut Up and Dance was good but she is rather nasally. Is 2 become 1 a spice girls cover?
  12. I have to agree with you. The styling for this era is not very good. I don't like her look in the video. But I like her. Shut Up and Dance was a fun song.
  13. The styling for the era is flawless. The CD booklet has five gorgeous shots of her (one from the More Than Friends video, when she's on the beach and looks stunning!) including a ballet style photo of a leg raise.

    The cover is a bit... awful, but it's better than the grey monochromatic styling of the first album (the Shut Up And Dance CD booklet is drastic).

    Anyway, the album is still a fucking 11/10 and I cannot stop stanning for her.
  14. Something that bugs me about Victoria is that it always sounds slightly, like she has someone holding her nose when she sings.
  15. SHE'S BACK. *alarm sounds*

    New single WOW is below, and her third album (!!!) is called Day 1 but doesn't yet, as far as I can find, have a release date.

    It appears that she's now independent but the quality of music is still top notch. Anyway:

    Queen. Such an incredible and effortless pop track. I'm thrilled, I honestly began to think she wasn't going to release music anymore.

    Also, could we get this thread moved to Potential next big things? @2014 @Solenciennes
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  17. New song, Get Me High:

    It's quite good, and her vocals toward the end of the song - incredible. I have such a genuine admiration for her, and I really hope this next album gets somewhere.