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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Please let me know when it goes back up! I just got paid today and I'd love to be able to order this.
  2. I will the *instant* it's back up.
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  3. It isn't just their referral system, the whole damn site crashed because of high traffic from the announcement, ha.
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  4. Referrals, swaps, codes, playlists, member exclusives.

    Still signed up the second I could though, because addiction is an illness.
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  5. Referrals = referrer gets $10 to spend
    Swaps = you can trade the record of the month for anything from their store
    Codes = Like discount codes I think you mean?
    Playlists = sometimes they make and share playlits
    Member exclusives = records curated by Vinyl Me, Please that you can only get if you're a member.
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  6. You acknowledge it, so that's a great first step.

    Honestly I use VMP because the selection is pretty great, and I find it's a great way to expand my tastes without thinking too much about it. Although, the last two months have been albums I know and love. It helps that it's affordable and the exclusives they seem to be pulling out of the bag so far are amazing.
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  7. But how do referrals work if there's a waiting list? Can I, as a new member, help someone/a non-member buy Tidal? And I saw Arca's album listed as a member exclusive, but how... is it exclusive?
  8. Members only get one copy of the ROTM, unless there are leftovers and then they get released to the store, although still as a member exclusive. If that's what you mean? You get your $10 applied to your account once the person's registration goes through. I haven't hadn't anyone go on the waiting list with a link of moment as far as I know so I'm not sure if it goes through right away or if it goes through after they are off the list.
  9. My £20 Maroon 5 vinyl box set has dispatched, so glad I got this in time, really can't believe the price, surely that must have been an error? Reduced from £110.
  10. Did Fiona break it? Not even the Gorillaz did that.
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  11. Mine shipped the other day as well. Still in disbelief! Wish there was tracking, though.
  12. There's a set list of titles available for swaps each month, mostly previous AOTMs, store exclusives and a couple of others.
  13. "Not everyone has that"
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  14. If you do join, get a copy of the Sylvan Esso and Perfume Genius albums!

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  16. LAFSDKJ when I say I came RUNNING

    It's still down for me though.
  17. Argh, still getting a 500 error on their homepage AND my referral link.
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  18. Really? Could it just be down on mobile? I just got a notification saying someone used my referral.

    Edit: nevermind, it's back down.
  19. I'm not sure about mobile, but it's not working on my laptop.