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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Nope, you were right. I guess it was just working for a couple minutes or something. It was definitely fine on my end and a referral went through but it's down again.
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  2. Sigh. Hopefully they work this out within the next couple of hours...
  3. Vinyl Me, Please just retweeted me and followed me on Twitter...

    So, my subtweets about which exclusives they should pick will now become direct suggestions. I want them to do a big pop release soooo badly. Can you imagine them doing this for something like a Kylie record? Or Britney? I know, highly unlikely.

    Alt-gays, how about SCARLET'S WALK?
  4. Oh my god I would WEEP.
  5. I could see them doing something for Britney, but probably not ROTM. They already did a store exclusive for Justin's FutureSex/LoveSounds a couple months back. I think it depends on the label since they have to work with them and the artist to develop it.
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  6. So strategically, they'd have to pick a pop record that would appeal to the indie-leaning subscribers... the dudes who pray each month will be a Wilco album, or the hip-hop lovers who want all of the 90s rap repressed.

    What if they chose to do Robyn? The self-titled or Body Talk compilation would be fantastic options.
  7. Robyn would be awesome. Body Talk also hasn't received a full pressing outside of the compilation version (which was severely limited) and Part 1. I would also love her self titled with the original packaging instead of the 2008 version.
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  8. I dunno, but their staff are usually really involved in their forums, so give them suggestions on there. Their exclusives are usually rather Pitchfork friendly, good news for JT and Carly, not so great for Britney, with Robyn they might have been put off by how the Body Talk part 1 reissue sold rather slowly.

    The thing is as @mindtrappa said, I can't imagine them picking something like Britney as record of the month, but it also wouldn't be worth the time and effort to press something that hasn't been pressed before as a small shop exclusive.


    Warner launched Run Out Groove the other week, they pick 3 "in demand" titles and get people to vote on which should be pressed, the winner will have an open pre-order for a month and press to fit that demand. Could be cool if something you like pops up, but right now I'm not a fan of any of the picks. Hopefully we'll be able to see some great pop picks from their archive down the line.
  9. Okay, so I can get to the sign-up page for VMP through a Google ad but the referral links still don't work.
  10. My friend was able to get to the sign up page, but couldn't actually confirm his subscription. Hopefully there aren't subscriptions or orders being lost because of all of this...
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  11. It's so funny because they mentioned a few weeks ago that they didn't think Fiona would be as in-demand as the Gorillaz, and it's actually causing more problems than Demon Days ever did.
  12. So...the site works now, sort of. When I click a referral link - or just go to the VMP homepage - it takes me to a generic blank page with the site's logo, a "Welcome to your new Wagtail site" message (nn), and a field to enter your email that, after the email is entered, redirects to a 404 page.

    @VinylMePlease get. ya shit. together.
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  13. My Grace Jones Disco box set arrived today- it's so beautiful!
  14. I need this more than air itself
  15. I'm really pleased for everyone that's excited for Fiona / been waiting keenly on it but I'm not feeling it. As tempted as I was to get the copy and flip it I decided on a swap, so if numbers get tight hopefully one more person who genuinely wants a copy gets one.
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  16. Wait what? You were waiting keenly on it but you're not feeling what? What exactly aren't you feeling??

    This is such a special release. They remastered the original tapes and discovered all these hidden mouth sounds and natural noise that really enhances the intimacy of this record. It's going to be like hearing it for the first time, I bet.
  17. No, I wasn't waiting keenly for it, I was saying that I was pleased for those who have been waiting keenly for it. The 'Tidal' AOTM has been two years in the making and looked like not happening at some points, it's been a bit of a VMP forum grail.

    It looks like an excellent reissue package but the music itself doesn't do anything for me - not to piss on anyone's chips, it's just a personal taste thing.
  18. Fuck, I couldn't cope if Tori did a special release with them. My anxiety levels...
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  19. Still can't get on for Tidal.
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  20. [​IMG]
    She did that.