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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. I see some RSD items are already on eBay and Discogs. Truly don't want to be queuing in the cold for an hour or more like I did last year.
  2. I love when releases break websites. That power.
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  3. I'm queuing from 3am again this year - at least the place I go to opens their coffee bar from 6, meaning some chance of warmth!
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  4. The only things I want are the Fickle Friends 12" and The Cure picture discs, but neither I'm too fussed about. Won't be going this year but used to go about an hour before opening, usually get everything I want and plenty of people to talk to in the queue.
  5. I am not in London tomorrow and don't know how I'll get the Little Mix vinyl. Any idea on how quickly it'll sellout, or how to get one online? I remember getting a Lady Gaga Applause picture disc easily.
  6. The Gaga release was for RSD Black Friday so nowhere near as much demand - the Little Mix is surprisingly one of the most limited releases this year at 1000 & I can imagine many RSD dads in the queue picking it up for daughters etc so can't imagine there will be many left over - eBay is your best bet to secure one (though they're already at £70 or so on there) but you could wait a week and see if stores have it when they put their releases online next Saturday?
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  7. I also want the Cure picture discs, but at the same time I ask myself, "do i???"
    1. It's a picture disc, so the audio quality isn't going to be great
    2. It's 18 tracks squeezed on to 1 picture disc, so it's not going to sound great at all

    They are £30 each and I don't think they've been designed to listen to.
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  8. I'm after Kate Nash and Little Mix tomorrow. Although I've always managed to get what I'm after online a week later so don't think they're worth queuing hours for.

    Someone has been queued outside my local record store since yesterday afternoon!
  9. Just checked the list I have on my phone and both the Cure ones are double LPs. Would maybe be tempted if they weren't picture discs!
  10. Ill be waiting a couple of months then buy what i want.
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  11. I already have my most saught after RSD release thanks to @anfunny2003 - The Dead Or Alive 'Unbreakable' double vinyl.

    But I'll try and get Aqua, Madonna, Little Mix and maybe a few others tomorrow.
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  12. ^ The Madonna release was £14 on Amazon earlier.

    I feel sorry for those after the Bowie vinyl, I'd love the BOWPROMO box but they will go within minutes.

  13. That's good to know, I thought it was single disc for some reason.
    Is anybody else getting anxious thinking about tomorrow? Part of me just really wants sack it off all together, but I need those Cocteau Twins albums! Pus the Madonna of course. I'm scared I won't get them.
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  14. Local shop is opening at 8 i just found out. Will try and head down for maybe half 7 but I'm not a morning person and if I don't get things then I don't get them.

    Trying to be more sanguine in my old age.
  15. Fiona Apple + VinylMePlease back up!! Just signed up! Not sure if allowed to post this here but will get us both $10 off x
  16. Tower Records have a great Record Store Day sale on that started today.

    They've even included an Ellie Goulding career trajectory special:
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  18. BML


    This reminds me of how surprised I was to see the prices The Idler Wheel... goes for on discogs. I got it for Xmas whatever year it came out and had no clue it was so sought after.

    That Fiona reign...
  19. I finally was able to sign up and I still can't quite believe it's happening. I may actually cry when the record arrives.
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