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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. From @Sexbox elsewhere:

    "Britney's "In The Zone" and "Oops" vinyl are in the works via Urban Outfitters/Legacy, per my friend at Legacy."
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  2. My poor wallet
  3. ‘In the Zone’ will be 100% essential for me.
  4. The rest of the world misses out AGAIN.
  5. I'm already stressed out about these pre-orders. I hope they do more than 2500 copies this time.
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  6. PREACH.
  7. Is ‘Britney’ being skipped then?
  8. Just do a box set for fuck sake. If Maroon 5 can get one then Britney sure can. This is why I had to jump off the vinyl train.
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  10. I’m gonna start saving for sure. I need both of them!
  11. Ha, even with that number the wankers will buy 10 copies or more to sell on eBay and Discogs.
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  12. I wonder if they're doing these one-off colored vinyl releases and eventually a box set of everything on black?

    Regardless, can we all agree that:
    • Oops!...I Did It Again should be on purple.
    • In The Zone should be on blue.
  13. Did they just blow up a scan or something for the ...Baby One More Time vinyl? The images are so grainy.
  14. I didn’t think mine looked grainy at all.
  15. Really? I can definitely see it from a full foot away. I thought it was maybe the quality of the original images, but I went and checked the digital files and they're in really good shape.


    In any case, I hope that isn't an issue that spreads to any future releases. We have the original files for everything, so they shouldn't have to restore a scan.
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  16. The sooner I can get Blackout and Femme Fatale, the better.
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  17. For some reason I thought Femme Fatale had been released as part of the fan edition, but then I remembered it was just the picture disc for "Hold It Against Me"
  18. I kind of think Femme Fatale would sound horrific on vinyl, though. Just so compressed and lifeless. The cover and the pictures for the CD kind of look like a confection, though, so it would be a nice item to have on a bigger scale.
  19. The Weeknd's Trilogy box is getting a repress, 1000 copies.

    I can't tell if it's sold out or if they haven't put the stock on yet, the first pressing goes for $$$.

  20. Avril's Goodbye Lullaby artwork looks so beautiful all blown up 12x12.
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